H.o.p.’s new movie "Kitty and the Invisible Butterfly"

H.o.p. has posted a new movie called Kitty and the Invisible Butterfly. He’s hoping for some comments…but most of all he hopes people will enjoy it.

It’s his first movie made on Flipboom, an animation program for children made by the Toonboom people. H.o.p. sat down with it tonight, taught himself how to use it and produced this in short order. Probably too short order as the action runs by too quickly. But he’s satisfied with it.

You’ll notice he purposefully gave it a wide screen appearance.

He wanted to add the music “Rimshot” but I’m not set up right now to record it for him and add it on. As he wanted to get the film up tonight, he decided to go without the music.

Flipboom does seem to have a quirk. When the movie was published to Quicktime, the program cropped at least 1/4 inch around the edges. Thus, at the end, the “B” of “By” is partly clipped off. There was plenty of room to the left before publishing.

Anyway, H.o.p. is quite excited about what he was able to do so quickly with Flipboom.

He also has a stop animation movie that he did outside over two evenings earlier this week and is looking forward to getting that up. It looks pretty cool in camera, from what I can tell.

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