The Stage Series of Digital Paintings

Moen Kopi Notel (Click on image for overlay enlargement.)
Approx 30 by 20 inches, digital painting
2008 by J Kearns


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Been working on this since June. Tried doing it with the dress in blue, like the sky, but I missed the jungle/garden print of the model’s original dress. It seemed right. Took way too long painting it in but I think it was needed.

The motel was one we passed by in Holbrook, Arizona last spring. I had wondered at the hopeful message on the sign pointing to a new life and what if anything it had to do with the motel being shut down and boarded up.

For the painting, I liked the emotional ambiguity of the model who may or may not have anything to do with Moen Kopi. A woman in her garden print dress.

We spent a couple of days in Holbrook about 15 years ago and because of some brochures I’d seen I placed a scene in the Penguin book in the area.

I could be wrong but I don’t imagine that Holbrook has changed much during those 15 years…

P.S. Simonroy’s photostream at Flickr has a pic of the Moen Kopi in better times (2005) when it was still a motel and not yet a notel.

Appreciation is extended to Phoeebstock for stock reference for the model.

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Juli Kearns

Juli Kearns is the author of Thunderbird and the Ball of Twine and Unending Wonders of a Subatomic World (or) In Search of the Great Penguin. She is also an artist/photographer, and the person behind the web alter of "Idyllopus Press".

15 thoughts on “The Stage Series of Digital Paintings”

  1. Yeah, I’m really liking this theme. It’s going to take some time fitting things to it but that’s all right. I like the layout the best of any I’ve tried out. It’s one designed for comics blogs, actually.

  2. Holbrook was a very special place to visit. It felt like being in a town on a verge of becoming a ghost town. I almost went to the Moen Kopi, but choosed the Motel 66 instead. I must’ve been the first person who slept in that room for at least 10 years (it was like sleeping in an abandoned museum). I highly recommend a visit in Holbrook, it’s got a creepy something in the air, but the people are great and very friendly.

    Thanks for the link to my photo !

  3. I do wish I knew the story of the real world Lynda and David.

    If I met David, I’d want to ask him why he didn’t align his text to the left or center. When you’re asking someone to marry you, in such a bold and public way, seems you’d want to make your text align in an attractive way.

  4. It amuses me to think that she is walking away in despair at the anarchy of his text alignment. Or perhaps she doesn’t appreciate his text-messaged ‘u.’
    But anyway, Holbrook’s a small town. Phone the Winners Circle bar and ask them the real outcome of David and Lynda. (But first, notice on the other sign that the text “Winner Circle” is nicely centered, but at the price of the ‘s’ at the end of Winners….)

  5. Hi Everyone –

    I’m “Lynda” and I am happy to say that Dave and I got married last May. Great story: We were friends growing up, both went away for 20 years. Came “home” to raise our kids and met, fell in love, and now have four beautiful daughters. Being quite “anal” myself, I asked about the text alignment and he said that I waqs lucky it was up there at all. He put the ladder in the back of the truck and didn’t move the truck, so everything was right-aligned. He’s afraid of heights, so it really was a labor of love. As far as the girl in despair, I’m assuming she was just disappointed that I got him first!!

  6. I love my Lynda..We were all bummed when she moved to Holbrook to raise Ellie…She was a great person and we were going to miss her…It appears without the move..she wouldn’t have found David. David, I haven’t met you…but you take care of my Lynda or else…:) Just kidding….Love you Lynda.

  7. You are precious! as well as Blessed! I wish you both the very very best througout your loving life together. May these dreams of love stay with you ~ forever and ever… I’m so glad you have passed my life as a freind. You have a special touch, and I have always felt it! I guess your honey felt it too! xo Jill

  8. And I am the real David, but what my dear wife left out was the wind was blowing like crazy and my ladder was not tall enough either, and yes I am feared of heights. Another thing my wife did not mention waswhen we met again after some many years and we progressed to marriage talk she told me I had to be creative, My little brother is the owner of the motel and one day we were driving be and i noticed a broken window in the office area so as i pulled in to investigate it the idea hit me, my brother did not have enough letters so I had to make my own and so that started our life, and that sign has been a big conversation piece untill i took it down, months later. And we have a great life together and hope it gets even better, it was great to see this picture wish I had a copy for my wall

  9. David, I’ve sent an email to both you and Lynda on the painting. Congratulations!

    I can imagine the wind blowing like crazy. We were visiting the Painted Desert and the wind was shoving us all around. If it was blowing anywhere near as hard as when we were there, and I had been you, there would have been no getting me up a ladder to make that sign. What a brave, creative soul!

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