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I removed the analyses from the blog as there were too many images and I was concerned the server wouldn’t tolerate the traffic. Have converted them to static html pages and they are up here.

Below are some fun posts I’ve kept on the blog rather than converting to html:

In Which Kubrick Tricks Us Into Not Noticing the Door Which Has Opened
A post on the door that opened in the hall beyond Danny when he tried the door to Room 237 and found it locked.

How the Kubrick Carpet Trick Works
A post on how the Kubrick carpet trick works, when the pattern reverses under Danny. So simple!

Maps of the Overlook Hotel

I had thought it fun to study the locations of the shots on the Going-to-the-Sun road in Glacier National Park in particular, and below are posts showing shots from Google Street View of the locations.

Repurposed shots from Google Maps street view pinpointing the locations of the opening shots on Going-to-the-sun-road are in the following posts: St. Mary’s Lake, Serpentine Bends, Crossing the Field, Helicopter Takes a Pass, Entering the west tunnel, Exiting the West Tunnel, The East Tunnel (not used in the film), After the West Tunnel, Last Shot of Glacier Park in the Opening. Though the Overlook is in Colorado, these opening shots, along with the Closing Day shots, pinpoint a kind of psychological place for the lodge as being on the Continental Divide. The final crossfades to the lodge occur before it. In the opening, the VW travels east to west and the final crossfade out to the lodge occurs east of the Continental Divide. In the Closing Day section, the VW travels west to east on the road and the final crossfade to the lodge occurs west of the Continental Divide. Kubrick often gives us several perspectives of a scene. Such as with there being several perspectives for the “shining” in Room 237. Such as the several mazes. We have the set maze outside the Overlook, we have the map for the maze (different from the set maze), we have the model maze (different from the set maze), and then finally he shows us the “world maze” in which the left mirrors the right side. This is a double labrys–the labyrinth–and we may find the same with the VW approaching the Overlook from either side of the Continental Divide.

Repurposed shots from Google Maps street view pinpointing the location of the Boulder apartment.

Repurposed shots from Google Maps street view pinpointing the locations of the ascent.

Repurposed shots from Google Maps street view showing the view down the mountain and the maze of ski slopes before the Timberline.

Repurposed shots from Google Maps street view of the Miami Channel 10 radio station and where the Stapleton airport was once located and the Westminster/Boulder exit from Denver that Dick passes by on his way to the Overlook.

Repurposed shot from Google Maps street view showing the exterior of a snow-drenched Timberline/Overlook.

Repurposed shots from Google Maps street view showing Dick’s travels up the mountain to the Overlook. Through sheer luck I believe I may have been able to pinpoint the location in which the Snowcat is shown in a pristine winter wonderland that hardly seems real, but is.

Repurposed shots from Google Maps street view showing a couple supplemental, pretty shots of the Timberline area.

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  1. max

    I want to say thank you so much. I first saw the movie with my friend , when I was looking on Netflix for a good movie to watch when I saw room 237. This page has all the answers to my questions to the film. I never knew a film could have so much meaning.

  2. scrappy

    nice insights… have you seen Halloran flip Wendy off when they’re first introduced? I also discovered the page in Catcher In The Rye that Wendy is reading in Boulder Colo.scene. Would also like to know the name of Charles Dickens book that’s on the top of a stack of books between Wendy and the doctor.

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  4. Ryan Billingsley

    I’m in the process of recreating the overlook hotel in minecraft pocket edition. It’s quite staggering, and has taken the better part of a year. Your maps were helpful.

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  5. Laura

    Hi Juli!
    Thank you so much for this analysis. It has been an IMMENSE help for a project I’m working on. I’m a themed entertainment design master’s student and I’m working on a project to design a themed queue line for an attraction and I chose to do a Shining-based attraction. So these analytical plans are AMAZING and very helpful. I hope you don’t mind if I use your basic layout in my process to creating a waiting queue line? Absolute credit will be given to you and linked to your website! Thank you again, its always a treasure to find this kind of dedicated analytical work anywhere!

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