The 9th day, Dead Horse Ranch Park and Sedona

The 9th day we strolled Dead Horse Ranch Park.

And drove to a few look-out points in Sedona that we’d not been to last year.

T Wrecks (alias H.o.p.) finds the rock that will go home
The T Wrecks (alias H.o.p.) takes a break from T Wrecking to meditate upon which rock to take home to his collection
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Absolutely no post processing on the above photo of H.o.p. finding a rock to take back home for his collection. Beautiful color. I can’t find the larger version. Must find it.

We ate that night at a Chinese buffet as we knew it would have pot stickers and H.o.p. likes pot stickers. Co-adult and I had never eaten at a Chinese buffet before as we figured the food wouldn’t be very good. This one was uneven in quality but had a couple of nice surprises. And it had great service as we were serving ourselves. We stuffed the food down.

For some reason throughout Arizona I had this thing going on the trip where I kept watching to see who had lamp posts that cut down on light pollution. As we drove places I carried on lame conversations with myself out loud. “Oh look, that neighborhood has the lamp posts that cut down on light pollution. Oh look, that Toyota dealer has the lamp posts that cut down on light pollution.” And yes I was boring even myself.

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