Les Ballets Jackson “Fiesta Hippie”

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If you’re offended by circa 1960s partially nude French people (well, I’m guessing they’re French) in Barbarella togs doing the “Fiesta Hippie” dance then don’t click to watch Les Ballets Jacksons below. It’s a Scopitones which was a jukebox video. And I’m…well…I’m on my 6th watching. It’s that wonderful. OK, so the first part of the music is King Crimson’s …

Youtube Viewing

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Now I know what a PIT maneuver is. (So this is two years old, it’s still an amazing vid. PITs are not intended to be used during high speed chases or when there are dangerous obstacles on the side of the road. Only sensible. Using the PIT on this guy on an overpass was not.) Next up, Gumby as conceived …

Liu Yan video at Youtube

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Was reading about Liu Yan in the NYTimes, the celebrated dancer who was paralyzed from the waist down due to a stage malfunction during rehearsal for opening night performance at the Olympics. I read she’s studying to be a television announcer now. Her emotional quality in dance is riveting, what she’s able to project. I hope she’s able to find …

Wake up!!!!

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It’s the fizziest ultimate bubble bath of your childhood all grown up, Mister and Madam Bubble dropping the shower curtain on their library of reflections.

Wildly imaginative worlds of Yannick Puig

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A couple of wonderful whimsical offerings. H.o.p. loves the animations of Yannick Puig, such as the below “I Lived on the Moon”. Another is the delightful “Krapooyo”. I like Puig’s animations as well. P.S. “I Lived on the Moon” was replayed over and over here today and probably will be for a while. I showed it to Marty when he …