Horse’s Hooves as Shoes

And it hit me…inspired by horses’ hooves.

Here’s a hoof.

Here’s the Nina Ricci shoe design which literally gives you a foot up in height.

I read these shoes are “surprisingly easy to walk in”. Here’s the supposed proof in the below video where each model is one misstep from an ankle cast.

I was just entertained by suddenly seeing into the mind of the designer. “Yes, horse legs! They should have horse legs!” Somewhere there are introductory sketches with horse masks and tails.

Note that the several hats we see in the video appear to be variations on an equestrian’s helmet.

This video of a woman walking the runway in the shoes is actually pretty cool. She appears to have it down. Still, the slightest misstep and an ankle is either broken or you’ve got a good sprain taking you out for a while. (Can almost imagine how Jean Cocteau might have used these in a film.)