Do the Swim

Do The Swim, 2007
Digital painting.




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Thank you to Deviantart stock model, Gilraen Ar-Feiniel, whose stock image I used for reference. The stock picture is here.

I did a few of these in Feb and March, which kept me pretty well preoccupied, and will be posting them. The above one was a lot of fun. I painted Gilraen a couple of times. Kept seeing her in blues.

After doing 10 of these pics, which was a lot to do in a month, I suddenly went dry. Which is probably why i started posting again. That plus the necessity of saying a few words on Aquasaurs. I’ve got a number of pics sitting here waiting for me to finish work on them. The kind of thing where I start and then am undecided and put them aside for a while. Or I realize just how much work a painting is going to be and end up having to really pace myself more slowly on it.