And the band played on

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Was talking with a sister last week about her eldest daughter’s engagement to an Australian and she brought up the song “Waltzing Matilda”, how she was unfamiliar with it and he’d introduced her to the song during his Christmas stay with the family. My mind went immediately to “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda” done originally by Eric Bogle, later …

"Buying The War"

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Well, we missed Bill Moyers’ “Buying the War” on television last night, so am happy to find that I can watch it online, which is what I’m now getting ready to do. P.S. Watched. It’s nice to have Bill Moyers back.

Casualty of Evidence

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Heretik yesterday remembers the tragedy of Kent State in a highly personal way, and points also to Bushmerika as a place of information for those who weren’t here yet or too young to remember or who want memories refreshed or who don’t know the surrounding details. Check the page out. There are photos. Faces. The photos mean something. They have …

One learns when one is two that a big fat square will not fit through a little peg hole. Intelligence is judged by some on an ability to recognize and accept this fact

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In the comment area of Washington Monthly’s this article which states Italian Foreign minister Fini has rejected the U.S. account. Is it any wonder? At dailykos is a summary of Gianfranco Fimi’s testimony to the Italian House of Representatives. Paper Tigress listened to the testimony at La RepubblicaRadio.It and prepared the summary which is also up on her website.