Wild Boy of Montezuma’s Castle

Wild Boy of Montezuma's Castle
Wild Boy of Montezuma’s Castle

Light box Enlargement

H.o.p. doing his thing of acting the zombie every time I point the camera at him.

H.o.p. says now, “Hey! Get me out of this pose! I’m frozen!”

He’s suggesting I call it The Scream.

Photographing photographers at Montezuma's Castle, Arizona

I can’t tell if the man on the left is kind of smiling or grimacing. He appears to be grimacing here but if you look at the original size he could possibly be at least thinking about a small smile but was undecided. Can’t tell. The mood of tourists here was different than at the Grand Canyon. Though they are even less cramped here, people seemed to feel boxed in and kept giving anxious side glances at the camera or doing their overt best to be stone-faced. If I remember correctly this guy didn’t seem too perturbed by my camera not being pointed up all the time.