Legalistic theology and bankruptcy

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My mother wrote me mentioning Bankruptcy Reform and I thought she was asking for further info on it but realized later she wasn’t, she had another question on it that had to do with religion’s role. still the particulars according to Mediagirl’s blog are here (fair rundown, mom) which I found via Alas, a Blog and there’s a link too …

One learns when one is two that a big fat square will not fit through a little peg hole. Intelligence is judged by some on an ability to recognize and accept this fact

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In the comment area of Washington Monthly’s this article which states Italian Foreign minister Fini has rejected the U.S. account. Is it any wonder? At dailykos is a summary of Gianfranco Fimi’s testimony to the Italian House of Representatives. Paper Tigress listened to the testimony at La RepubblicaRadio.It and prepared the summary which is also up on her website.

Karen gets a quoter: When uniformity is compromised, then authority no longer holds

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Kelli Davis, a student at Fleming Island High School in Green Cove Springs, Florida, wore a tuxedo for her high school yearbook picture. Sam Ward, the school’s principal, said it must be removed because Kelli was wearing boy’s clothes and was not following the rules on dress. The decision was debated at a school board meeting attended by about 200 …

We recognize Margaret Spellings is a sensitive issue and we wanted to make sure that parents had an opportunity to introduce this subject to their children in their own time

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Settle down to watch “George Shrinks” on WPBA with H.o.p. and there it is, a brand new commercial, swear it is (though I could be wrong) which gets down to business with big white script on the screen informing 84% of you see Public Broadcasting as a Safe Haven for your child. They may as well have substituted with footage …

I’m gibbering already

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The doorbell rings. Our friendly neighborhood USPS woman with a box. (And she is friendly.) H.o.p. grabs a fork and begins his transformation of the carton. He punches holes. Gets a flashlight and shines it through the holes onto the wall. “Look, a Phoenix!” And it is. A magical flutter of light wings and wisp of body that soars up …

Confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech

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Betty’s winning job interview. Picture courtesy of H.o.p. Sat down at the computer at 2:30 and though I’d been working continually with no goofing somehow after three hours I’d not managed to get much done at all when H.o.p. puts on one of his new Betty Boop DVDs and Marty sits down to watch after a minute and says hey …

Back then “free” was a powerful word and the little arm hairs tingled positive not negative

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More on Ward Churchill. Brief bio that calls to mind (for me) Lucas’ “American Grafitti”, a film that I am reminded of about once every two years at most so it’s not like my brain’s short list of synonyms equates all things 50s and 60s with Ron Howard. H.o.p. doing his online reading program becomes mostly phys ed. He props …