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Sedona, 2008 View On White I had four Carlos images in Photoshop that I was nearly done with, and Photoshop crashed. Rather than return to those, as I was missing the southwest, I thought I’d work again on those for a little while.

In which I torch any future I could have had as a psychic in Sedona

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Sedona – Above is a Psychic Expo, next to Crystal Castle and a center for Sedona Toruist Information and Activities. Across the street were art galleries. Light box enlargement Yesterday, I should have been getting ready for my brother-in-law spending the night but I decided this time he could face a dirty apartment, because I’d been going through my few …

Red Rocks of Sedona

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Red Rocks of Sedona Light box enlargement Began a digital painting of this in color, which I liked, but have yet to finish it and I don’t know if I will. If I don’t, I’ll do a color version of the photo.