Dr. James Dobson vs. Siggie and why you may have the distinct impression the Xtian Right wants to whip you into a cage literally

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Who is Dr. James Dobson who will be one of those speaking on the Justice Sunday simulcast? James Dobson, who was the inspiration behind Tom Delay’s conversion? Chris Dugan writes a commentary on James Dobson’s “The Strong-Willed Child” book in which Dobson describes an altercation with the family’s dachshund. In his commentary Dugan provides this excerpt from the book.

"Justice Sunday", the inference of "Just Us" justice, broken gavels and weighted questions

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“Just Us Sunday” seems to beg to be observed in “Justice Sunday”. I saw in my Site meter this evening someone had done a Google search for “Just Us Sunday” that led to here and then later another Google search for “Just-us” Sunday that led to Adult Christianity. I went over and checked and see that on the 15th Adult …

And she stole all the curtains and the dresser

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Consider this two posts in one. Happen (yesterday morning now) across the story at Pandagon. The IMAX movie, “Volcanoes of the Deep Sea”, banned at venues in southern states (GA, SC, NC and TX). Why? Because it mentions the dreaded big E word. Even the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History in Texas has declined to show the film, …