Janet Kearns Photographs Herself for Facebook

Digital Painting of Janet Photographing Herself
Digital painting of Janet Kearns Photographing Herself for Facebook

Janet Kearns is an unrelated artist living in British Columbia. I created this digital painting based on a photograph she took of herself for Facebook. It occurred to me at the time it might be fun to do a project of people photographing themselves for Facebook.

Digital Painting, Engrained Series – Ahna Between Here and There


Ahna Between Here and There
Digital painting
35 by 20 in.

From a new series. Digital painting based on a photo of Ahna Hartico I happened to see and liked. Thanks to her for allowing me permission to use it as resource.

Access a larger view off its gallery page on my art website.

Girl with Butterfly Shirt

Girl with Butterfly Shirt
Girl with Butterfly Shirt, 2006
Digital painting

Light box enlargement

There was no simply retouching the original. Was a kitchen shot that turned out poorly plus she was covered from crown of her head to toe with food goop layered over the effects of hours of nonstop outdoor play. But I liked the pose, the way her hand was to her shoulder, and her expression. May yet decide to put in a background.

A fearless child (not yet two) with a great sense of humor.