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Despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage…

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The truth is the world really does look different from the penthouse, or the mountain top. And the ministers never tell their congregations the truth. I know that, having relatives who were ministers. The laymen leaders of congregations have their own agendas, certainly, which they also don’t disclose to the unwashed masses, and are often powerful enough to lord it over the clergy. Clergy which they choose to shepherd the flock. And the clergy? Whether they’re bitten or biting, they just don’t tell, and don’t tell what the penthouse view is. The congregation is as much an Other to them as the citizenry is to the police. They will smile and embrace you, and you will think you know them and that they serve you absolutely and are your friends, but they will never let on what transpires in the inner sanctum.


Lousy Videoblogging – The Politics of Cheese

This is the worst videoblog we’ve done to date. No merit to it whatsoever. As usual, horrendous video quality and sound–but good enough to make out what we’re saying and get the point.

Anyway, way back on July 12th (forever and a day in blogland), the blogger, A White Bear, posted Dear Rich People, STFU, in which she talks about how down at the co-op where she cuts cheese, a member of the “white global elite” who works beside her won’t lower herself to cutting plebian cheeses, such as cheddar. What’s more, she believes those who eat chedder couldn’t possibly have an evolved social conscience or any knowledge of politics.

Elite woman’s take?

Well, if they don’t start caring about art and good food, how can they expect to understand politics?

Another belief of the woman who refuses to cut, much less eat, cheddar?

Believe you me! Those private school children you’re mocking have far more of a chance to do great things in this world than all the middle class people put together. Do you think the middle class knows anything at all or cares at all about the right things?

Below is our videoblog response (me and son H.o.p.) to the woman who refuses to cut and eat cheddar, a testimony to how highly evolved we cheddar cutters are.

Are we not compassionate? Are we not aware? Are we not…intellectual?

America Bowls

Bowling at the Brunswick 4
America Bowls
Light box enlargement

Went to a kiddie’s birthday bowling party this weekend. Out in the suburbs. H.o.p. had a great time. I took photos. Of people bowling. Yes, you who were there who will never find your way here, I was the older lady squatting on her haunches with a camera or right down on the floor of bowling’s beach, between bowling’s counterpart to ocean waves and the sunbathers soaking up the UV rays on their towels. Thankfully, people ignore me.

Not as ignorable was H.o.p. I don’t know if he took his queue from me pretty much lying down on the bowling beach (how else was I to get this shot) or if it was just the natural rebellious performer in him (“I’ll show you and your paltry rules”), or whether he was overcome by the blue Cosmic Bowling lights, but at one point he went parading down the beach, blithely interrupting bowlers and their goals, taking in the sights, not very worried that one of them might irritably make a pin of him. Marty went running after because I was too incapacitated with laughter to do anything parental and useful at the moment.

I noticed the American flag (as seen in the above photo in larger versions, click thru for those). There were no people, of course, bowing to the flag or saluting or even acknowledging its presence. People were just bowling, intent on the ball and the pins and their form, except for those part of the numerous birthday parties and they were going to be focused on keeping the kids under control and not tearing up the place on Coca-cola and birthday cake sugar highs.

Though I take for granted that many probably don’t even register consciously the presence of the flag marking territory, it certainly is part of the scene and carries a message.

Americans still need their flags everywhere, only I wonder how many now need their American flag lording it over even hobbies and purchases for less gung-ho crowing than wistful reassurance. Though I may be wrong on that. I have some of the bowling photos up at Flickr and another one shows an enticement for bowlers was winning a World Wide Entertainment (wrestling) style summer bowling party. The near human-sized ad featured a WWE “Superstar” by the name of Mr. Kennedy, a “heel” who has risen to evil greatness. I’ve a photo here.

I was going to write about how I don’t think WWE and bowling worshipers would like to think of themselves as using the American flag as a wistful, sad comfort blanket reassuring them of greatness, but my mind went POP when I saw the avidly worshiped WWE superstar was a Mr. Kennedy, and an evil heel. Not knowing what to make of the minds that dream up worlds such as these, but certain they have reasons for what they piece together toward the creation of manic fandom, I thought I’d just give a nod to this cultural mash-up rather than attempt a dissection.

All I know about anything is that money rules all.

Cheap or resourceful is sometimes just a matter of perspective

No, no. I’ve been tagged again on the Eight Random Facts About You Meme. This time by Lavonne at Born Famous. I’ve done it before but will give another shot at randomness, supposing my mine of randomness hasn’t been exhausted.

1.) I keep on my desk what used to be a nice Orchids of Hawaii, made in Japan, surfer girl “mug”. I always thought it was a vase but I found info on it online and it’s described as being a mug. I don’t care what they say online about it, I still think it is a pottery vase. At one point it was knocked over and broken and is now badly glued back together.

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