Andalusian Chicken (digital painting)

Andalusian Chicken
Approx 16.5 by 16 inches
Digital painting/collage 2008

It’s the Andalusian chicken! Yes.

Many years ago I did an acrylic version (the first) of the chicken. I did it on found peg board with the chicken a xerox I’d copied out of a book and pasted-in collage element style over the acrylic.

The painting lasted many years, making it through the nearly yearly purges I used to do, only to be destroyed by a cat of ours.

Zurama dressing room

While working on cleaning, sorting, cleaning last night, came upon a polaroid, just a few years shy of being 20 years old,of a painting I did of a theater dressing room. Very faded. I brought out the colors a bit. Grainy.

Very loosely pictured are Irv Wardlow (left), Lane Whittemore, Ross Miekle (far background) and George Nikas (holding coffee).

Click on it for larger view. The painting was about 3 by 4.5 feet I think.


Zurama dressing room
Acrylic on birch board
J Kearns 1989

Another Bowling Ball Guy

Coffee table

This is our coffee table. Another one of the bowling ball head guys. I started doing them when H.o.p. was young, though wasn’t doing stick figures like this, but he did do those blazing suns that kids do. I just liked the idea of stripping things down to the bare bones archetype. The coffee table before this was about 4 by 4 feet and another painting I had done and we’d attached a frame and legs to it. We couldn’t bring it here so a couple of nights before we moved, I decided to do another coffee table painting on a coffee table that would fit. We had the coffee table already as an old one had been left in the attic by a previous tenant. I stared at the wood for several hours and then decided I would do a bowling ball guy in a garden as we were moving to a place with no yard and it would give me a spot of green greeting me daily.

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