Before digital, circa 1990
Copyright J Kearns

Intentionally left scratched and pock marked.

Saltair, “the cursed resort”, at Salt Lake, Utah.

It was freezing cold. We were the only ones there. The briney air was near suffocating in its potency. We didn’t even know Saltair existed but coming upon it we immediately recognized it from the film “Carnival of Souls”.

Saltair was considered a serendipitous find, but it was closed, the air was obnoxious, and the wind off the lake was freezing our unprepared butts off. We quickly went on our way with only this one snapshot for the memory book.

Columbia River 1991, at Richland

This is a view of the Columbia River from the riverside park at Richland, March 1991. And that’s me. It was bright blue skies and sun shining only a few minutes beforehand. A dust storm was riding in. Weather can change very quickly there.

This is an “I’m standing in front of the Columbia River which I haven’t seen since I was a kid, quick, let’s get back in the car because it’s suddenly freezing” shot.