The Sphinx (Hipstamatic iPhone capture of old ink of mine)

The Sphinx (iPhone capture)

The Sphinx
Ink on paper

I used to work in ink, and this is one of the few old inks of mine that I’ve managed to hold onto all these years. Would have done this some time in the mid 80s. Is in color but I like this black and white capture of it on the iPhone with the Hipstamatic app.

Light box link.

Zurama dressing room

While working on cleaning, sorting, cleaning last night, came upon a polaroid, just a few years shy of being 20 years old,of a painting I did of a theater dressing room. Very faded. I brought out the colors a bit. Grainy.

Very loosely pictured are Irv Wardlow (left), Lane Whittemore, Ross Miekle (far background) and George Nikas (holding coffee).

Click on it for larger view. The painting was about 3 by 4.5 feet I think.


Zurama dressing room
Acrylic on birch board
J Kearns 1989