Story of a Cloud

Midtown - West Peachtree New Skyscraper
West Peachtree, Midtown, New Skyscraper

Sunday, the skies were deep blue and cloudless as far as the eye could see. I was taking pictures on West Peachtree when suddenly up above there crystallized out of nowhere this valiant little smithereen, pulling itself together out of the blue in seemingly less than a moment. It was as if the air turned itself inside out and within that out was what had been a nascent cloud which now was enjoying having managed to escape that ocean of blue. Taken aback, I stared at it for a minute before thinking to take its portrait.

As I snapped away, the cloud dissipated a little…

The Little Cloud Dissipates

…and then re-coalesced.

The Little Cloud Re-coalesces

Then I went to a movie and whatever happened to the little cloud I don’t know.