Wires and penthouses, Atlanta
Penthouses From 14th Street

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Despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage…

Music for the ride. Smashing Pumpkins, Bullet with Butterfly Wings at You Tube.


The truth is the world really does look different from the penthouse, or the mountain top. And the ministers never tell their congregations the truth. I know that, having relatives who were ministers. The laymen leaders of congregations have their own agendas, certainly, which they also don’t disclose to the unwashed masses, and are often powerful enough to lord it over the clergy. Clergy which they choose to shepherd the flock. And the clergy? Whether they’re bitten or biting, they just don’t tell, and don’t tell what the penthouse view is. The congregation is as much an Other to them as the citizenry is to the police. They will smile and embrace you, and you will think you know them and that they serve you absolutely and are your friends, but they will never let on what transpires in the inner sanctum.


This is what I want for dinner tomorrow

Woody’s, Midtown Atlanta/Virginia Highlands, Monroe Avenue, digital photo, 2005

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7:33 P.M. — I think I just poisoned myself with some old soda crackers.

7:34 P.M. — I was going to write that life is full of unexpected surprises but that seems so redundant.

8:00 P.M. — CHRISTOPHER WALKEN ROASTS A CHICKEN WITH PEARS! I kid you not. I’ve hated the internet the past week. This briefly restores my faith in it. A home-brewed video of Walken roasting chicken. More Walken bird history here.

Reprieve from the Drought

Reprieve from the Drought
Reprieve from the Drought
Light box enlargement

As I post this, it rains!
A man in summer yellow linen ran from the building , attempting to reach his car, a street over, before the storm.
Another man returns home and checks his mail box.
“Getting some good pictures tonight?” he asks, friendly.
“No, but rain seemed a meritorious occasion,” I replied.

I can’t take any chances with the camera, and snapped ust a couple of shots.