I Was Wrong (To Purchase This) – March 28, 2010 Edition

Probiotic happy face
Probiotic Happy Face
Hipstamatic iPhone capture.

Picked up some “Good Belly” the other day after reading some elsewhere commentator’s glowing recommendation of it. Decided to try one out just now. Opening it from the bottom instead of the top, I found the happy face.

It needs a happy face because this stuff is gag-inducing vile.

Ten minutes later and it’s having great fun pulling me up out of my chair and gyrating me about the room as I writhe my arms and twist my face and complain, “Agh! Agh! Agh! I can still taste it!”

Link to light box image.

I Was Wrong

Earlier this week I did 2 Portraits of Allergies. I was wrong.

Portrait of a Cold, Not Allergies, Pose 1 (iPhone capture)
Portrait of a Cold, Not Allergies, Pose 1 (iPhone Capture)
iPhone Hipstamatic capture run through Lo-mob app then swept through Photoshop

Light box link.

Portrait of a Cold, Not Allergies, Pose 2 (iphone capture)
Portrait of a Cold, Not Allergies, Pose 2 (iPhone Capture)
iPhone Hipstamatic capture, background softened

Light box link.

He brightened up considerably tonight after we completed watching “Lost in La Mancha”, the documentary on Gilliam’s failed first attempt at “The Man who Killed Don Quixote”, and put on Mystery Science Theater 3000. That brightening up is witnessed here. “You’ll feel better tomorrow,” I promised, hoping tomorrow won’t prove me a liar.

I read that Gilliam is set to begin filming the Quixote film again in the fall with Robert Duvall.

The Night Light (iPhone capture)

The Night Light (iPhone)

iPhone Hipstamatic capture run through Lo-mob app.

Light box link.

Those three dots. All one needs to give the impression of a face. No one wonders, “What’s that supposed to be?” Everyone immediately recognizes the glyph as a face. The lower dot may be a nose or a mouth. Doesn’t matter. It’s a face.

This is actually a cute little night light from Ikea that glows green. It’s a pain in that rather than having a simple wall cord or requiring batteries it instead has its very own special charger that works for nothing but it. By some miracle we’ve managed to keep track of the charger for several years but when it is eventually lost the little guy will dark, never to illumine again.

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2 Portraits of Allergies

Ah, Spring. No fever. No cold. H.o.p. is miserable with allergies.

I asked H.o.p.’s permission first before I took the 2 photos, expecting a, “No, I’m sick.” Instead, he gave a small smile and nodded his head yes, then returned to napping. He’s been out all day. The television is on, tuned to Turner Classic Movies, and he hasn’t even cared what’s playing, even though it’s all old films. Once, when he had his eyes vaguely open and on the screen, I asked, “Would you like to watch something else?” He shook his head neither here nor there, held a handful of Kleenex to his face, blew his noise, then passed out again.

H.o.p. Napping (Portrait of Allergies), Pose 2 (iPhone)

Light box link

iPhone Hipstamatic capture run through the Lo-mob app. With this one I then took it into Photoshop to do some postprocessing.

H.o.p. Napping (Portrait of Allergies), Pose 1 (iPhone)

Light box link

iPhone Hipstamatic capture run through the Lo-mob app. I then blurred the grain in a portion of the picture.

H.o.p., the past several years, tends to only nap on the futon when he’s not feeling well. A reason I was hoping for a photo is because, at 12, his profile still looks remarkably like it did at the age of 6, when I took the below photo.
H.o.p. sleeping, 2004
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