This Morning…

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Me, I’m just waiting for the water for my coffee to heat up. Waiting for Marty to get home from the laundry. Waiting for H.o.p. to get going (he drug a pile of books to bed with him and read late into the night). In the meanwhile I clean the bathroom which is never in danger of looking very clean …


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Despite my not liking The Nutcracker, I made it a point last week to sit with H.o.p. each night for Ovation’s “Battle of the Nutcrackers”. Well, except for the first night. Missed that one. My brain still hurts. To get me back it keeps repeating several bar snippets of Nutcracker music. * * * * * * * H.o.p. just …


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A cousin H.o.p.’s age is now, after being a reluctant reader, making his way through the encyclopedia. If H.o.p. was making his way through the encyclopedia, I’d be proud of him too. He’s not. H.o.p. has instead discovered the joys of the comics and graphic novels alley of the second hand bookstore. I mentioned comics to my sister. She showed …

Ant art installation on futile industry not showing much industry

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“Fortunate Discoveries by Accident” described her ants as dividing themselves into morticians, executives and construction workers. Her ants, like those blogged about at Gearworks, were fully fledged up to fun not long after their arrival. H.o.p.’s ants are nearly all executives, running around not doing much other than discussing discussing, with several racing over to look at us whenever we …


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Marty’s the one doing H.o.p.’s spelling lesson tonight. So, I’m sitting here reading and I hear behind me: Marty: Union. Union. He joined a labor union to try to get better pay for all workers. H.o.p.: No, no. How about instead, “The Nature Team is a union of freedom to escape the atomic bomb”. I was amused.

I keep telling myself that at some point I will derive benefit from (fill in the blank)

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First Order of Business ISP. We are in the process of switching. Earthlink has either already shut down our DSL or it’s just down. I’m on dial-up and just letting you know, FRIENZ AND RELATIVEZ, that ANY OF OUR OLD MINDSPRING EMAIL ACCOUNTS ARE DEFUNCT. Between the devil and the deep blue sea, we have switched to ATT. Yes, despite …

The Results

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This post is just between me and the few people who visit here so don’t be surprised if I move it over to “private” and thus take it down after it’s been up a couple of days. Got H.o.p.’s standardized scores back. He did basically what I expected him to do.


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An example of what you can do when you’re homeschooling and talking about crystals. Having done the crystal experiment, we watched a short video on minerals. The subject of diamonds was brought up. Beautiful diamonds. Which have a troubled history. I thought it unbalanced just to see nice pictures of African diamond mines where no miners were observed. So we …