National Geographic Kids magazine has a mission – to prep a child to spend, spend, spend

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H.o.p. was reading his “National Geographic Kids” magazine the other night and yesterday got up and asked me about a cute rabbit he’d seen in it, which he believed was like the Microsoft Agent, Peedy the Parrot, only this creature would text-to-speech “email and blogs!!” which he thought was great. “Can I get it?” H.o.p. asked, thinking this was downloadable …

Ten Year Old Child Begs for Bergman’s "Seventh Seal" (Don’t They All)

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I’m not big on Bergman. Yes, I’ve got “Bergman on Bergman” on the shelf but that’s from my late teens and early twenties. However H.o.p. came across Bergman’s Seventh Seal I don’t know but a couple weeks ago he brought it up. “What’s The Seventh Seal?” he asked. Yes, I watch great movies with H.o.p. H.o.p. introduced me to great …

The Quandry

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H.o.p.: Mom, there’s something I want to talk to you about. I have this problem that freaks me out sometimes. It’s about life. Sometimes when I think about life it’s like something I can’t escape. It’s hard to describe. How can I forget about it, mom? Bad mom softly laughs. H.o.p.: And I sometimes get freaked about the earth, too. …

Rosetta Stone Doesn't Like Libraries

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I discovered what’s going on with Rosetta Stone and libraries. They’ve decided to not license them any longer. So I was reading that a library, patrons being hooked, had ordered CDs to lend out. But the new Rosetta Stone license is for one computer alone. The librarian had felt that Rosetta Stone had used them as only an advertising outlet. …

Let's Not Watch it Again!

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Netflix has some Sundance Film Festival animated shorts from 2007. H.o.p. and I watched “Ask the Insects”, “Der Ostwind”, “In Passing” and “One Rat Short”. “Ask the Insects” was the only one he asked to see again, the effects having sparked his interest, and then before I even began to replay it he had changed his mind and wanted to …

Slinky in the Sky with Jittery Diamonds

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Lo and behold the clouds cleared up and after watching for a while from the window we stepped outside for around 20 minutes of eclipse viewing with the binoculars. “Wasn’t that exciting?” H.o.p. said. It was pretty. I tried taking pictures but not having brought along the tripod the moon came out looking like a celestial slinky.

Tullie Smith Farm Log Cabin

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Tullie Smith Farm Log Cabin Atlanta History Center, 2008 View On White Atlanta History Center, Tullie Smith Farm Area View On White Little log cabins and farm houses don’t exactly thrill me. Before H.o.p. was born, these are not scenes I would generally elect to go seek out, but if they were THERE right before my face then I would …

Some Book Buying Out of the Way

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Anybody got a Harold Jacob’s “Mathematics, A Human Endeavor” book they want to sell me for cheap? Never mind. I found a second edition copy that I purchased for $26. I should not have. H.o.p. will hate it. But we’ll have it none-the-less. I’m on a math list that is starting a study using the book, the plan being to …