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We’re watching the Attenborough narrated “Life of Birds” shows on Netflix. After viewing segments on birds which had lost their ability to fly, H.o.p. asked, “What about play and evolution? If they had fun flying, doesn’t that count in evolution?” So, what is the role of play in evolutionary process?

You've heard this, right? (and still, I will blog about it and tomorrow you will have a chance to cast your vote against four more years of edge-of-your-seat Palintertainment and at this point even MccCain is secretly hoping you will do just that)

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Over a million listens on Youtube, so you’ve heard this, right? A couple of Quebec comics, the Masked Avengers, managed to get hold of Palin on the phone and had her believing she was speaking with French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Palin was so taken in she scarcely seemed to blink as the conversation departed the interstate for tricky woodland paths …

Fernbank Science Center Planetarium, October 3 2008

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Fernbank Science Center Planetarium Light box enlargement Oct 2008 Man, Machine and Shadow, The Planetarium Light box enlargement This evening we saw, at Fernbank, Marsquest. H.o.p. loved it. Marty enjoyed it. I sat and wondered what in the hell we’re doing going to Mars, but I still rather enjoyed the show as well, though I’ve got to say that I …

Perhaps the most difficult subject we’re homeschooling this year

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Above is the most difficult subject we’re trying to begin to learn this year. The Baxoje language, of which only a handful of speakers remain. One of my long term projects has been assisting Jimm GoodTracks with his Ioway, Otoe-Missouria Language Website, which I’ve done for a number of years. He has been compiling a dictionary of the Ioway, Otoe-Missouria …

Welcome to Presidential Debate Night at Our Apartment

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Welcome to Presidential Debate Night at Our Apartment Sept 2008 View On White View On White We, like how many other households, were turned in and I thought I’d show this because it is a mass participation event, kind of like football, only we don’t watch football. First we settled down with coffee and with H.o.p., me telling H.o.p. it …

Programs for homeschoolers at Zoo Atlanta

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Tuesday was Homeschool day at Zoo Atlanta and they have a brand new program called Homeschool Academy. Join Zoo Atlanta for an afternoon of learning and discovery designed specifically for home school students. The HomeSchool Academy is a unique program allowing students to explore animal and science concepts in a fun, interactive environment. Programs are grade-appropriate and include games, activities, …

The child has (yes, thank god) half a brain!

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The Bad Homeschooler is what we ought to call this blog except for the fact that I don’t write much about homeschooling here (relatively speaking) and it’s not like we want to draw attention to ourselves and have people gathering about going, “Look, they’re bad homeschoolers!” It’s that time of year in which books I’ve ordered for H.o.p.’s studies begin …

Hurry, it's your last day to get your name on the moon (at least via the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter)

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We did it. We are sending our names to the moon via NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Well, I did it. Marty didn’t. He’s in a session and knows nothing about it. And H.o.p. didn’t do it either, to tell the truth. I called his attention to the project thinking he would be “Oh, wow!” and want to type in his …