H.o.p. Experiments with being a Street Performer

2009, H.o.p. as street performer
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From The Child Experiments series.

H.o.p. sitting between greeting and entertaining individuals on their way home from work.

This stands as the penultimate in “The Child Experiments”, I think, forH.o.p. took his love for the costume out on the street to perform for people on their way home from work. He would leap up and greet them, sweeping off his hat and bowing low. His goal, he said, was to brighten their day.

Conversation with a Hermit Crab

Yes, in which I speak with one of the more gregarious of our hermit crabs.

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Guess the accent

Just for the hell of it, this is what we really sound like around here. Real speaking voices. Except for H.o.p.’s. He’s performing.

Guess the accent.

Real Audio Streaming Sample Conversation

You get to hear me squeal three times as H.o.p. accidentally sits on my toe that recently lost its toenail (we were sharing the same chair to do this).

Exciting, huh?


I don’t think I have much of an accent.

Actually, I lied on the recording. Many of our conversations sound just like this.

Lousy Videoblogging – The Politics of Cheese

This is the worst videoblog we’ve done to date. No merit to it whatsoever. As usual, horrendous video quality and sound–but good enough to make out what we’re saying and get the point.

Anyway, way back on July 12th (forever and a day in blogland), the blogger, A White Bear, posted Dear Rich People, STFU, in which she talks about how down at the co-op where she cuts cheese, a member of the “white global elite” who works beside her won’t lower herself to cutting plebian cheeses, such as cheddar. What’s more, she believes those who eat chedder couldn’t possibly have an evolved social conscience or any knowledge of politics.

Elite woman’s take?

Well, if they don’t start caring about art and good food, how can they expect to understand politics?

Another belief of the woman who refuses to cut, much less eat, cheddar?

Believe you me! Those private school children you’re mocking have far more of a chance to do great things in this world than all the middle class people put together. Do you think the middle class knows anything at all or cares at all about the right things?

Below is our videoblog response (me and son H.o.p.) to the woman who refuses to cut and eat cheddar, a testimony to how highly evolved we cheddar cutters are.

Are we not compassionate? Are we not aware? Are we not…intellectual?

Homage to the Ultra Green Pot

Well, it was like a BIG PARTY here yesterday, with nearly 800 unique visits via No Impact Man’s site. I was very impressed by the reserve exhibited as there were only two comments left behind by new names (thanks). When I realized NIM had linked, I’d taken comments off moderation so that if anyone new did want to comment they wouldn’t have to wait for approval. Had I’d thought to supply a keg and a band tongues might have been looser and things might have even been merry. It can be hard to anticipate musical tastes but, no doubt, no matter the flavor of band, at least a couple of souls would have been shouting “Freebird!” by the end.

Things will be winding down and getting back to normal today, which means I simply continue with posting as I have been previously.

Today’s videoblog offering? An homage to the Ultra Green Pot.

P.S. The napkins were the recycled paper sort.

The Ultra Green Hobo Bindle Bag

Thanks to Jennifer at Saying Yes for today’s Obviously Ultra Green idea of the Hobo Bag, taking our cue from No Impact Man’s Ultra Green Reusable Mason Jar which I first blogged about here.

As response to yesterday’s videoblogging of The Alternative to Ungreen Plastic Disposable Cups at Parties was heartwarmingly overwhelming, I have decided to make videoblogging a standard feature.


A videoblog should mean that I don’t have to write so much here, which is great while I’m staring at my monitor trying to work on my fiction.

To be honest, I wasn’t very happy with today’s videoblog but H.o.p. insisted my first attempt was a keeper, so below you have it. Again, excuse the poor quality, done on a little point and shoot digicam with no lights and bad sound quality (turn it up) with no script and no rehersal, but you can’t have everything.

Anyway, there it is, No Impact Man, an immediately recognizable Relatively No Impact, Ultra Greener Than Thou Bag. As with NIM’s reusable portable drinking cup mason jar, from across a crowded room, anyone should be able to pick out the bearer as Ultra Cool Green.

For biking, you can just forget the stick and drape it over the handlebar.

The Alternative to Ungreen Plastic Disposable Cups at Parties

In another episode of “Writing Fiction is Tough And Here’s How We Entertain Ourselves Rather Than Staring At The Monitor”, I decided to go No Impact Man one better on the subject of reusable cups, which I posted about below, and VIDEOBLOG an alternative to landfill fodder plastic cups, like for parties, which may not be a reusable alternative (though in version 2 of the video I say it is) and may not be aesthetically optimum but is still not plastic and involves making creative use of otherwise trash items at hand, and since it will be a while before everyone is carrying around their own Mason jars I thought, hey, who doesn’t love easy crafts and you can even enlist the help of partiers.

This presentation was done totally on the wing on a cheap digicam, not a videocam, so forgive the quality, the lack of light, the crappy sound (turn it up) and the entirely unscripted innocence.

As this is our first real attempt at videoblogging, and son H.o.p. liked the second version, while I liked the first, I present both videos below, however self-indulgent this may seem.

Update: If DailyMotion is slow loading in, the second video is also up at Youtube.

Disclaimer: We like green. I don’t think we’ve ever purchased a bag of plastic cups for personal use except for a birthday party for Marty a couple of years ago and my birthday party in June, so please go gentle on us for having a bag of leftover plastic cups in the kitchen. (Of course, all this may mean is that we don’t entertain much, and when we do it’s on a very small scale.)

Hunkered Down

Glorious sand, salt, surf and suntan lotion! Never mind what else went on in the world, Bush went fishing over the weekend and Paris frolicked in Hawaii. And I sat all weekend torturing myself with trying to write (really write) while honking ten tons of blood-laced snot out of my nose (a damn summer cold). I’m at it again today and will hopefully be so for a while.

H.o.p. has been working hard as well. This AM PBS’ four-year-old Caillou was taunting H.o.p. with stories of learning soooo much about the world as he too relevantly took to the seas on a boat where he gleeful ooohed over the kitchen and toilet and how you can carry your house along with you, but H.o.p. was paying no attention, engrossed in building some seriously wonderful models he plans to use for his tries at stop animation, layering clay over aluminum foil armatures.

At some point I actually got up from the keyboard and took a shower and changed my clothes, lay down for a short nap hoping to clear my head some and woke up to find Bush had commuted Libby’s prison sentence because it was too damn harsh.

All I can say is it’s nice to have your friends looking out for you. I”m so inspired, I think I’ll sing Mr. Rogers’ Good Feelings song,

It’s such a good feeling to know you’re alive.
It’s such a happy feeling: You’re growing inside.
And when you wake up ready to say,
“I think I’ll make a snappy new day.”
It’s such a good feeling, a very good feeling,
The feeling you know that we’re friends.


UPDATE: Here it is. The 3rd Street Art Collective’s Statement on Bush’s Commutation of Libby. “Good Feelings” sung by a cold inflicted Mothra. Filmed by H.o.p. (who puts his hand over the lens at one point, no doubt expressing blind justice). A brief opening narration by Marty.