And So We Celebrated Halloween

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H.o.p. drew the face. I carved the pumpkin, which was a tough one. H.o.p. talked about the smell of the pumpkin, how it was the smell of Halloween. “Nostalgia,” he said. I was unable to find the bag that holds our few Halloween decorations but he was determined and finally dug it out of a closet. We spread spider webs …

‘Twas the Night Before Halloween

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H.o.p.’s Halloween flowers for giving away View On White Too bad you’re not on our Halloween trick or treat beat. We spent the night rehearsing and will be LEGEND. We will be talked about for years to come. We can hope we will be talked about in a positive way. Photos of H.o.p.’s costume are here.

Frankenstein's beautiful monsters

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So the veil between the physical world and spirit world thinned for an evening and a jackpot of candy came pouring through, the majority in orange, brown and gold wrappings, which I take it has to do with pumpkins and decaying leaves. Doing his duty in honoring the dead, H.o.p. dressed up as a zombie and returned to the old …

Yeah, we had a scary Halloween

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Where I-85 meets I-285 in Atlanta is a well-known landmark called Spaghetti Junction, an insane wowzer of over and underpasses, on and off ramps, composed of 16 bridges, the tallest of which rises 100 feet in the air. It’s a scary place. A number of bad accidents there. The bridges are skinny things with mack trucks barrelling over them. There …

A couple of ghost animations by H.o.p.

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All right, so family and friends are primed and expecting to see fabulous little animations (linked below) by H.o.p. Well, come on, what you’re going to be seeing are animations by a seven-year-old done on his rudimentary but pretty ingenious little Reader Rabbit program where you draw and overlay little sketches and can turn them into a movie, and I …