For the scrapbook: Casablanca at the park

Waiting for Casablanca
Cellphone capture with post processing
Casablana at the Park

At the Jazz Festival, H.o.p. saw a poster on movies in the park, beginning this week. Today’s offering was “Casablanca”. His first communal big screen experience. The green was pretty well packed but we found a place not too distant (not beyond the port-a-lets). “Casablanca” was a bit out of his league but he enjoyed it, when he wasn’t bored and talking (quietly). His complaint was that there were a lot of rude people who acted like “I’m not there” and weren’t excusing themselves when stepping over him.

Some came prepared in a big way. Like the people with the self-inflating mattress. We just brought along a camp blanket to sit on and some water.

P.S. The weather was clouds with a heavy haze of smoke from the Okefenokee fires. I mean really really hazy.

For the scrapbook: Casablanca at the park

Wild Boy of Montezuma’s Castle

Wild Boy of Montezuma's Castle
Wild Boy of Montezuma’s Castle

Light box Enlargement

H.o.p. doing his thing of acting the zombie every time I point the camera at him.

H.o.p. says now, “Hey! Get me out of this pose! I’m frozen!”

He’s suggesting I call it The Scream.

Photographing photographers at Montezuma's Castle, Arizona

I can’t tell if the man on the left is kind of smiling or grimacing. He appears to be grimacing here but if you look at the original size he could possibly be at least thinking about a small smile but was undecided. Can’t tell. The mood of tourists here was different than at the Grand Canyon. Though they are even less cramped here, people seemed to feel boxed in and kept giving anxious side glances at the camera or doing their overt best to be stone-faced. If I remember correctly this guy didn’t seem too perturbed by my camera not being pointed up all the time.

The Magic Computer Show

The Magic Computer Show

The Magic Computer Show, May 2007
The Child Experiments with Making Friends with a Computer

Light box enlargement

Pic looks much nicer at Flickr, if you click on it.

We’re still waiting on the computer.

Also waiting on news of my newest niece who is now in the process of being ushered into the world. I keep checking the email and calling relatives, and that’s all I’m doing this morning and afternoon.

And finishing up a painting I began a few days ago.

Elysee – All Photographers Now!

Below is the evidence of what I posted about here.

Elysee - All Photographers Now! (2007-04-11, 3.03PM)
Elysee – All Photographers Now! (2007-04-11, 3.03PM)

Elysee - All Photographers Now! (2007-04-13, 2.40PM)
Elysee – All Photographers Now! (2007-04-13, 2.40PM)

Elysee - All Photographers Now! (2007-04-14, 1.52PM)
Elysee – All Photographers Now! (2007-04-14, 1.52PM)

Yes, I posted about it on the 12th of April and as you can see the first photo was displayed on April 11th. I said I submitted the photos for fun. I didn’t say when (though it was some time back in the Golden Age when I didn’t feel like a slithering pool of mucous). The evidence arrived in the email on the 16th.

Speaking of hoping to feel human again one day. I need salads. Lots and lots of salad. With lots and lots of different…stuff on them. Lots of different colors of stuff.

Anyway, there you have it. And it was fun. Had I not done it then it wouldn’t have been kind of sort of fun at all. They were accepting willy-nilly, the theme being “All Photographers Now!” Despite the NOW!, if I’d have submitted the below photo of my mom pregnant with me back in 1957, that photo would have made it onto the museum’s wall for five seconds as well, though it isn’t NOW!

Louise pregnant with Juli

Isn’t she cute there? Carrying the prospective me. She’d no idea that far in the future her grandson, H.o.p., would be cavorting as a Minotaur on the wall of the Musée de l’Elysée.

Clearing out old projects

At The Museum - The Boar
At the Museum, The Boar

Light box enlargement

Have held on to this for a while for the Museum series. I had planned to do a digital painting of it but then decided I liked too well the muddy grain of the photo and didn’t much see the point in doing a digital painting in which what I was going to do would be replicating the grain.

Or maybe I’m just being lazy.