For the scrapbook: Casablanca at the park

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Cellphone capture with post processing Casablana at the Park At the Jazz Festival, H.o.p. saw a poster on movies in the park, beginning this week. Today’s offering was “Casablanca”. His first communal big screen experience. The green was pretty well packed but we found a place not too distant (not beyond the port-a-lets). “Casablanca” was a bit out of his …

The Magic Computer Show

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The Magic Computer Show, May 2007 The Child Experiments with Making Friends with a Computer Light box enlargement Pic looks much nicer at Flickr, if you click on it. We’re still waiting on the computer. Also waiting on news of my newest niece who is now in the process of being ushered into the world. I keep checking the email …

Elysee – All Photographers Now!

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Below is the evidence of what I posted about here. Elysee – All Photographers Now! (2007-04-11, 3.03PM) Elysee – All Photographers Now! (2007-04-13, 2.40PM) Elysee – All Photographers Now! (2007-04-14, 1.52PM) Yes, I posted about it on the 12th of April and as you can see the first photo was displayed on April 11th. I said I submitted the photos …

The Child Strikes a Pose

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The Child Strikes A Pose Actually his plan was that I do a stop animation film of him, and so he did a number of different poses for the film. But it didn’t turn out very well, which was all my own fault as I was doing my own thing and playing with camera settings.