A One Second Comedy Show

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I was going to post a quote from Alan Watts but then people started farting around me, distracting me from my current sense of purpose. Hop encouraged, “Try it, it gives you more humor.” Pretending ignorance, I said, “What?” H.o.p. said, “Farting!” He blew a fart on his arm and laughed. “See, it’s like a comedy show in just one …

Something not normally heard

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“Take that, Sydney Opera House!” H.o.p. and Marty are up front playing “Godzilla Unleashed’. I’m writing. I heard H.o.p. say that. It just struck me as one of those things not normally heard–unless you’re in earshot of people playing “Godzilla Unleashed”. Now I hear, “I’m confused already,” and I think yes, that’s a bumper sticker.

So tall, so fast

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Interesting conversation with H.o.p. tonight. We were sitting at the puters after he’d practiced piano (he is now taking piano) and H.o.p. says after a while, “What can I do to keep from floating up?” Hmmm. Okey-dokey. “You feel like you’re going out of your body sometimes?” “Yes. Going up. I float up above it.” I could tell he was …

Damn that hurts!

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So, because H.o.p. loves monsters I read to him (in part) Arvin’s description of the Corporate Monster. He was in the middle of getting cranky about wanting another Happy Meal so he could have another Neopet. Mind you, he wants the Neopet for perfectly good reasons. There’s nothing wrong with him wanting another Neopet. Neopets need Neopet pets. “I want …

Cobalt Skink

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A friend of mine has begun blogging at Cobalt Skink. She writes some beautiful things. A nice meditation today on weeding brambles, horror vacuui, making space and space being filled. My son is telling me about majogos which are bugs that like to eat hair, which make everything unfurry and unhairy again. He asks if hippos have hair and why …