Clearing out old projects

At The Museum - The Boar
At the Museum, The Boar

Light box enlargement

Have held on to this for a while for the Museum series. I had planned to do a digital painting of it but then decided I liked too well the muddy grain of the photo and didn’t much see the point in doing a digital painting in which what I was going to do would be replicating the grain.

Or maybe I’m just being lazy.

In which I do a good job of not spreading Christmas cheer

We hit the Imperial Rome Exhibit at Fernbank a second time. The exhibit is leaving early January so not too long left to see it if you haven’t and are in the area.

Imperial Rome Exhibit, Education Alley, Fernbank, Atlanta, 2006
Imperial Rome Exhibit, Education Alley, Fernbank, Atlanta, 2006
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Going through the Farmer’s Market afterwards I finally mustered up a bit of seasonal spirit. I announced we should buy, after all, a semblance of a tree…

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Imperial Rome Exhibit

Imperial Rome Exhibit, Mask of Tragedy
Mask of Tragedy, Imperial Rome Exhibit, December 2006
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The Imperial Rome Exhibit is currently running at Fernbank. We went by today. It’s a good one, well laid out, and an awful lot to take in.

There were no signs saying nay about flash photography (quite often you can’t take pics at all of special exhibits at Fernbank) but I went ahead with available light source and did my best to suck in breath, let it out and brace the camera. Doctored afterwards to get rid of the backgrounds and give a sepia cast.

I was especially pleased to see the Tragic Mask.

There was jewelry, glassware, mosaics etc. and it certainly merits a return visit before the exhibit leaves in early January.

Chocolate fountain only on some Sundays

Another Boingboing pointer because it is about chocolate and because the new Fernbank exhibit is on chocolate which is an exhibit making a nationwide tour.

I love chocolate but am no connoisseur, just like I love coffee but am no connoisseur, and one it comes down to it am fine with a really oily french roast. I know I like a dark hefty chocolate and so we usually get Lindt with a high choco percentage and lower ones that H.o.p. loves and we split, eating a bit at a time, because I don’t like to overload. Or Perugina.

We went to the museum with my being newly equipped with the knowledge there are three kinds of cacao beans and that few chocolatiers use the premium. I didn’t know I was going to the chocolate exhibit today, was a last minute thing, so I went not knowing what the names of the beans were and what chocolatiers use them.

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Monday – dead bird blogging

2005 Fernbank, Turkey
Turkey at the Fernbank, 2005

Everyone else blogs pics of pretty live birds sighted from their lovely home environ which has the kind of things (trees, food) that attracts avians other than asphalt-nibbling pigeons. But there’s no point my missing out on the prom, so I dug up a date. At the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. The one that got away from Swanson. Which says something about life if you’re a cynic. Which I’m not. If I was a cynic I’d have gone over to the Fernbank Science Museum and shot a pic of the stuffed vulture.

Has a distinctive woodlands, pre-puritan look to him, but looks are as deceiving as Edward Curtis.