Friday former cat blogging

Below is Woody (Woodrow).

Woodrow (Woodie), 1970s

Back in the late 1970s, a Scottish singer Marty was working with gave us a call to tell us someone they knew had a couple of 3-day-old kittens on their hands, the mom had given birth and run off promptly so they were looking for someone to take care of the runt kittens that no one would take. The Scottish woman knew we were saps and easy marks. And enthusiastic easy marks at that. We said, “Yeah, yeah, we’ll do it!” And took in Woodie and his calico sister Rosie (Roosevelt) and raised them up from three day old kittens to full-fledged ultrasweet cats. We had a white german shepherd at the time, Bran, who was kinda dumb but a very gentle dog and Bran helped us out with the cleaning end. Genet, another cat we had at the time, also helped as far as setting a superb big brotherly example…

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Amaryllis eyes


Took a digi snapshot last night of our amaryllis for family. The “eyes” effect is actually just an accidental trick of light and shadow, the white being the wall behind the flower. Still, quite something. I looked around on the web at other photos of amaryllis and didn’t come across anything even vaguely similar. Was having a couple of weeks ago a conversation with a photographer friend about how our brains are configured to look for patterns in things and perhaps especially facial features. Click for slightly larger view.