At the Zoo – A Story

My sister goes prepared for everything, which meant a picnic lunch, which was great as I was starved about the time they took a break and I got to partake.

Most notably, when we arrived there were a number of school buses and the zoo was filled with teenage giants, which made me wonder if some of these weren’t high school sports teams. They filled the benches at the gorilla house, and H.o.p. took the opportunity to grandstand and do an impromptu routine about a primate reality show. “Welcome to the reality show. Oh, no, the plot is not moving along! Reality shows! It’s a human zoo!” I edged in from the side to move him off the stage with my vaudeville cane and we moved along.

Niece posing for camera – color version
Oct 2010
Light box enlargement

2010 Oct 20 Zoo
Posing for the camera
Light box link


A Story Goes With This

The first of these three shots is from before our lunch break, and the next two are from immediately after. I didn’t notice the don’t climb on the statue sign until backing away from the gorilla statue upon which everyone was cavorting and thought it funny, but was also puzzled as I had walked over by the statue before lunch and not noticed the sign, and the rest of the statues at the zoo (as far as I’m aware) are for climbing. When I got home I looked up my previous shot and found that I’d not noticed the sign originally as it was down on the ground in the background before lunch. I was talking about this and H.o.p. said that after I’d walked away he had noticed the sign was down and had gone over and tried to put it up, at which point a zoo employee came by and helped him.

“If you knew about the don’t climb sign, why were you climbing on the statue after lunch,” I asked him.

“I wasn’t. I stood next to it.”

And indeed he was not climbing, as can be observed in the photo.