Kitty and the Rainy Day (H.o.p.'s 2nd Flipboom movie)

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Kitty and the Rainy Day from H.o.p. on Vimeo. Here’s H.o.p.’s second animation in Flipboom. H.o.p. started on this on Sunday night last, immediately after finishing his first Flipboom movie, and did much of the work in one sitting. Then he worked on the animation in fits and starts what amounted to a couple of other days during the week. …

George Pal! War of the Worlds!

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The post header. That’s what we’ve been up to around here. The Fantasy Worlds of George Pal! I’d been promising H.o.p. for months a viewing of Pal’s “War of the Worlds” via Flickr. Finally we got it. The DVD played nonstop for two weeks, H.o.p. religiously studying in particular the test shot of the Martian climbing out of the UFO, …

Silly Wooden Models, by H.o.p.

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OK, now this one…this one is worthy. And it’s funny, at least to me, the end is. Cracks me up every time. H.o.p. had seen these wooden artist models last spring or winter at IKEA and he had to have them. He decided this was what he needed to start practicing stop animation. But then he never did anything with …

The Boogie Man Monster, by H.o.p.

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So, H.o.p. shot thousands of pics over the summer for uhm stop animation, and I say “Uhm, stop animation” because it all turned out to be slide shows, really. At spring’s end he had done, for a kid, this major opus of a stop animation. And then suddenly he went Lego crazy and after viewing a number of Lego animations …

Little bitty flower sort of animation

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Below is a little-bitty sort-of animation H.o.p. did at the beginning of the summer. He is still not producing enough frames for anything. Because he didn’t have enough frames I helped him with fading inbetween shots to sort of make up for it. This basically shows he knows from where plants come. From the ground. From seeds.

Robot vs the monster (H.o.p's epic)

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And here’s H.o.p.’s second claymation. Which was way toooooo ambitious. Again, he did the claymation, photographing everything himself in sequence, did the story, models and all. Then I helped him put it together first in Photoshop then Quicktime. We experimented and went with six frames per second and had most of the dialogue displayed at about 6 to 7 frames, …

Werewolf animation!

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Brrr, chills. This time H.o.p. does a werewolf animation. With captions. He had to do two separate files as the rudimentary program only handles 18 frames. Why would a caption require its own file? Because the W grows werewolf ears, that’s why! Anyway, a werewolf and neopet go up onto a cliff to howl in the moonlight. Notice also how, …