Facetious Personhood

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One of the better comments I’ve seen on yesterday’s diabolical Supreme Court ruling is over at Americablog. Ode to a Frog And as she ran from the room screaming and crying he was heard to say……. “Was it something I did, was it something I said???”

Eventually, the DSi and the wifi made friends

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The equivalent of putting together any of the Legos builds H.o.p. was so fascinated by when he was younger, this Christmas Eve was spent toiling over connecting his DSi to the wifi so he could procure the coveted Rayman game. First efforts were failures which led to me searching the internet on the issue and finding many many such disappointments. …

Gold Exhibit at the Fernbank

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We went to the Gold Exhibit at Fernbank today, organized by the American Museum of Natural History. Indeed, there were some lovely things on display, the most impressive being perhaps examples of natural formations of gold and quartz. If you are anxious to see old ingots lost in shipwrecks, purchase pirate hats and pan for gold for about $5 in …

And So We Celebrated Halloween

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H.o.p. drew the face. I carved the pumpkin, which was a tough one. H.o.p. talked about the smell of the pumpkin, how it was the smell of Halloween. “Nostalgia,” he said. I was unable to find the bag that holds our few Halloween decorations but he was determined and finally dug it out of a closet. We spread spider webs …

The Mushrooms

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Huge thing. Saw several of them. What is it? Other than the mushroom that ate everything in its path. Look at it gobbling up twigs, leaves and acorns! I touched it and my son yelled at me not to because it was rather unsettling in appearance. Then he said we have to come back tomorrow so he can do a …

Clock Preferences

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So, I’m sitting in the chair at the dentist’s and I look up and see on the opposite wall a clock exactly like one we used to have at home. A cheap clock, with a white frame, from Ikea. That clock we had with the white frame eventually broke and we purchased another one of the same make and that …

Gayaneh’s Adagio

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Like a moth to a lamp. Middle of conversation, I heard a familiar tune and went into the other person’s living room to see on the television a music channel and the words Gayaneh’s Adagio. A bit of dissonance between what I was seeing on the screen and my knowing I was acquainted with the piece through a favored movie. …