If you love Kant, you’ll love No Impact Man, and make a donation to help him out, please

When there’s a plea for help in the name of Kant’s “Formula of Universal Law”, will you answer it in the name of Kant’s “Formula of Universal Law”?

I should hope that you would.

Colin Beavan entered his No Impact Man project as a Fifth Avenue living (only one bedroom though), published author, his wife a senior writer for Business Week who he confessed was a “Prada-Wearing, Four Seasons-Loving” individual along for the ride.

NIM was already in a dire situation entering the project in which he vowed to live No Impact and make no purchases for the year. As the NY Times reported,

…he needed a new book project and the No Impact year was the only one of four possibilities his agent thought would sell.

The inability to make purchases during the year necessitated the temporary donation of a solar panel, plus, as Colin admitted, he couldn’t afford the $3000.

Nor, he admitted, could he afford a personal assistant, for which reason he made a plea for an individual with their own computer who could donate ten hours of their week to help him with research, phone and correspondence.

In Colin’s May 2nd post, “Money is Green”, there seemed a ray of financial hope. He wrote of how breakfast alone used to daily cost them $20 ordering out for bagels and coffee, and that now money was idling “provocatively in our bank accounts. We’re living on one salary and stashing the other.”

My bucket of dust and shame, which I must forever bear, is I wrote No Impact Man suggesting he should at least compensate, out of that bagel money, the personal assistant for the Impact they would be making for No Impact’s benefit, and I didn’t hear back from him. That bucket of dust and shame once represented my not being worthy of response, but I now understand, after today’s post, that it must instead represent my lack of understanding of NIM’s special needs and evidently precarious situation.

It pains me to bring you this news but things have apparently taken a dire down turn for Colin. In today’s blog–the one in which he quotes Kant’s “best test of morality to be the Formula of Universal Law” which he gives as meaning all should live only in a way that allows for all to live in the same way–Colin has found it necessary to make a plea for support.

Writing from his lower Fifth Avenue apartment, in a building “with doormen and elevator operators and a marble-floored lobby”, but his wife’s family calling the 750 square foot apartment “the hovel” so it can’t be all that (though the NY Times gave it as “elegant, prewar”), Colin today informs that first and foremost he needs your links, your comments, your links, your spreading the word about his blog, emailing your friends about it, and your links. And he needs you to help give him a boost and favorite him at Technorati.

But that’s not his only plea! NIM also notes he’s found it necessary to place in the sidebar a link whereby you can make a financial contribution to him. Living No Impact, reducing consumption, he is unable to ever place ads on his blog, he says, but if you have it in you and would like to help out financially, there is now a link in the sidebar where you can make a donation via Paypal or your credit card.

Yes, I know that you thought paying for his No Impact book would be support enough, but looks like he needs some cash now to help him out with being No Impact Man.

I feel for the man and his family. Really, I do. So would Kant. As No Impact Man today notes…

He (Kant) would have smiled upon the No Impact project…

And that’s some endorsement!

Here’s my link to No Impact Man’s blog. I hope it helps him out of the tight spot he’s in. Go, please, learn how to be No Impact and support No Impact Man in his endeavor to instruct on how we may each live within our means and the means of our planet.

Sigh, I Remember When Google Was a Baby

It’s said that Google now wants to run my life.

Google, the world’s biggest search engine, is setting out to create the most comprehensive database of personal information ever assembled, one with the ability to tell people how to run their lives.

In a mission statement that raises the spectre of an internet Big Brother to rival Orwellian visions of the state, Google has revealed details of how it intends to organize and control the world’s information.

The company’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, said during a visit to Britain this week: “The goal is to enable Google users to be able to ask the question such as ‘What shall I do tomorrow?’ and ‘What job shall I take?’.

I’d say, “Well, isn’t it about damn time?! I’ve always needed a life manager!” But then I think again and imagine tragic disparities, Google telling some people to invest their millions in…Google…and informing others it wouldn’t adversely effect their future if they danced off the nearest high tower.

In the meanwhile, despite the fact that Google has purchased Double-Click and will next be belching all over me ads for everything marginally connected with whatever subject I happen to be Googling, I went ahead and made up a Google homepage for myself and installed Google Chat and with the calendar and gmail and weather and select TV stations (like C-Span 2 which I can only see online as we only have network television) and Wikipedia and maps and gas prices and to-do lists all available right there at one place, and all kinds of crap I don’t need but’s fun, and anticipating more more more, I can see how, especially if I gave Google access to my computer with a desktop search, and if I had a cell it played nice with, it could come reasonably close to believing it could run my life.

I’m mad at Google because they played with rankings again and last Saturday my site began tanking, the Google searches accessing it halved. I went from being the NUMBER ONE GOOGLE SEARCH RESULT FOR MONSTER BREATH to number ten. And that hurt. That REALLY hurt. I would BOYCOTT them for this but I can’t imagine giving up Google search if only for Google book search.

I’m beginning to see how Google is getting ready to rule the world. And I remember when I first saw Google. It was a new little thing. They were BABIES, sucking their thumbs, virtually begging people, “Give us a chance! Help us out!” People who felt themselves internet rebels abandoned Alta Vista and installed Google search on their web pages.

Then Google switched from the breast to regular food, growing teeth, and started crying, “Feed me! Feed me!” Which we did, gladly.

And now it has morphed into GoogleBLOB, consuming every thing it touches, becoming bigger and bigger and bigger. Which is why I didn’t do Gmail or the Google Calendar forever. I didn’t want to give Google too much of me. But here I am plugging into it and consolidating all my home page non-essentials into it, wishing I could integrate Word with its calendar and manage files from it. Next it will be doing our banking for us, and selling us real estate, finding us jobs, mates, and who knows what else?

Now, if only Google could only personalize its advice. It’s one thing to tell you what you should be doing based on tracking every move you make, but another making judgment calls based on those moves. Such as if you didn’t like what Google Personality X-tian Fundamentalist Aunt Jane had to say about how you should be doing THIS instead, then you could always switch to Google Friend Buttercup who is working on her third drink and feeling pretty giggly.

Damn elitism

One thing I get tired of with Democrat/Progressive blogs is, for instance, not being satisfied to jump up and down about Wingnut ideology (which is all that’s needed) but stooping to go, “Nyah, nyah! Look, stupid can’t even spell!” It’s elitist and wrong and unnecessary. I suppose it galls me as much as it does as I’ve worked with individuals who’ve gone to court to fight for their rights and some of them couldn’t spell worth a damn either. What’s important are ideas. When you forget that and start picking apart appearances, you fall into prejudice, and spelling falls into that category. Believe it or not, one’s ability to spell is not a measure of intelligence.

One thing has nothing to do with the other

Today people are hearting No Impact Man for baking bread. With natural gas. With an electric kick-start natural gas oven. (When he discovered that the oven needed that electric kick-start he had to cut that circuit breaker back on.)

No Impact Man. Remember, the man who strains to make ZERO IMPACT and is letting us know all about it via blog and upcoming book and film.

Let that soak in a bit. People heart No Impact Man for baking bread in electric kick-start natural gas oven.

“We love you and your dedication, No Impact Man!”

Hey, kiddies, over here, I’m making JELLO! With water! City water! I heated the water on an electric stove but don’t fault me that as ours is the only stove/oven in the building that’s electric because there was a gas leak in the apartment at some point years ago and rather than find it they cut the gas off and installed the electric oven. One thing has nothing to do with the other but that seems to make no never mind, does it, so I’m not expecting you to damage any brain cells trying to figure out how A may or may not relate to A, B or C.

“But he’s making heroic efforts! Don’t rag our No Impact Man! Bad, bad, Idyllopus!”

Yes, I know. Just more fodder for me and my bucket of dust and shame.

* * * * * * *

NIM was also writing about his solar panel.

Since we switched off the mains electricity and have only the one solar panel for power, I found myself complaining that I couldn’t afford the electric juice to run the wireless modem. I was upset because I could no longer bring the computer to bed. What was I doing taking my computer to bed anyway?!

Sigh. NIM makes his one solar panel sound like a puny little, no account thing, doesn’t he?

Well, back when NIM posted on the acquisition of the solar panel, two people wrote in–very nice and very supportively of NIM’s project–questioning the use of the borrowed solar panel (which costs $3000 by the way, I had erroneously given it in a previous post as about $2200) because it’s something most people won’t be able to afford.

Ah, Colin, Colin, it’s nice that he’s “willing to accept…thoughts” that the borrowing of the approximately $3000 solar panel may be inconsistent with his project. But it’s a lot more fun to accept big old promotional cookies, ain’t it. As he so giddily points out, “Gosh darn it, I just plain old thought it would be fun to give the panel a try!”

If Colin’s only going to use the power for his laptop, however, I do wonder why he doesn’t contact some manufacturer of solar power equipment sized for charging computers at the rate of about $262 to $390 and say, “I’m beholden not to purchase anything NEW during this time, so can you please do a loan, plus it would be great exposure for you.”

But small cookies aren’t as gosh darn fun as great big cookies that the vast majority of the populace can’t afford.

Neither can Colin, apparently. Or so he says, excusing himself from purchasing the solar panel because it’s too expensive for him.

Colin’s wife is a senior writer at Business Week and he’s had several books published and is busy doing the promo for his upcoming No Impact one. If Colin’s 5th Avenue household can’t afford a solar panel, how does he expect the rest of us jokers to be able to afford one?

* * * * * * *

If you want to read today’s No Impact Man post again (just in case once wasn’t enough), as he points out, you can catch it in his Green Parenting column for Time Out New York Kids.

If I want to bake bread I’ll be using the Edward Espe Brown’s Tassajara Bread Book, which I happened upon when I was about 20 and is the greatest.

* * * * * * *

A question.

The New York Times article on NIM noted, Also, he needed a new book project and the No Impact year was the only one of four possibilities his agent thought would sell.

I’m wondering what the other three book possibilities were that Colin’s agent thought wouldn’t sell?

Anyone have any guesses? I’d love to hear them.

* * * * * *

A simple web search will reveal how to bake bread in a solar oven.

Colin may get around to it one day. Of course I don’t know if he has easy access to his building’s roof or if his 5th Avenue dwelling has a balcony. I don’t imagine he would want to sit around on the street making his bread. He could pay a more fortunate someone with balcony, I suppose, to bake his bread in a solar cooker. Maybe just pay for access to their balcony. Doesn’t have to be a 5th Avenue balcony either. But that would probably be somehow inconsistent with his project. Somehow.

Wait. Let me rephrase that. But that would probably be somehow Inconsistent With His Project. How ’bout that. The phrase now deserves to be its own Proper Noun. Or something like that.

There’s a street person on a corner somewhere who’s just going to be soaking up the sun’s rays on that corner all day and he or she might not mind babysitting a solar cooker. Colin could get them to do it for probably about the price of a store-bought loaf of bread. But, y’know, they might be hungry and eat the bread and take Colin’s money, so that idea’s out.

Waaaaay too much

Way too much Monkees the other day. I woke up from a dream this morning of looking at old black and white pics of them in pot cleaner ads. (I only briefly had to wonder why it was pot cleaner ads.)

But while we’re on it here’s a great Mike Nesmith quote on Hendrix opening for the Monkees.

He was opening in front of us and, of course, you know, he walked into the beast, he walked into the, there were the waving pink arms, you know, 20,000, waving pink arms, like this, so every time he would say, “Foxy!”, they’d be “Davy!” “Foxy!” “Davy!” Oh man, it was some seriously twisted moments.

My Bucket of Dust and Shame

Here it is, me and my bucket of dust and shame (see previous post on No Impact Man not responding to my suggestion he pay his personal assistant and compensate them for their electrical and DSL investment in his project) and poor humiliated H.o.p. attempting to solace and rescue me from my pitiful estate.

For the blog - The Bucket of Shame and Dust

P.S. The belt is one that Marty beaded many years ago. He’s quite good at loom beading. “Show the belt,” I said. “Show the belt, so it won’t just be me and my pitiful bucket of dust and shame.”

In which I continue to make no friends with people who love people who love the earth, though I would be nowhere without it myself and am totally indebted

I’ve posted a couple of times on some beefs I have with No Impact Man. It may seem like more than that but in reality I’ve only posted three times, which is changing today to four times.

When No Impact Man advertised that he was looking for a volunteer assistant to do computer and phone duty at their own location, for free, I wrote about that because it rubbed me the wrong way in several different ways but mostly because it seemed to me No Impact Man was doing a too classic American Missions Big Me thing of raking in the Do Gooder Glory while screwing over Little Guy on the side. It seemed to me right down that long profit alley of Americans shining the democracy and freedom land light while chewing up the freedoms and land (income and time in this case) of someone else. Always with an excuse.

“But the land of the free wasn’t for the American Indian, they got screwed. And killed!”

“Yeah, but uh, well, we are the Big Boys of Democracy! It was a necessary sacrifice for the good of mankind! Besides which, they learned how to read and speak English.”

And though I might see a continuum here, you may not, so let’s boil it down to No Shades of Gray Land in which individuals keep their white hats shiny and clean by passing the devilish pitchforking the coal work along to someone else. Yes I know that pitchforks are used for hay and the pitchfork probably descends from Poseidon’s Trident, but never mind.

No Impact Man struck me as being one of those who happily takethed the oil and gases, and all those other lovely minerals, then decided he would no longer taketh the oil and gases and eat electricity and all those other lovely minerals (for a year, and do a book about it and a movie in the process), and since he couldn’t taketh but needed a way to be able to do it, thus the assistant with electricity–but to not even pay them? Just seemed to me like more take-take.

Considering No Impact Man’s former lifestyle, it surprised me that he wrote he hadn’t the income to pay an assistant. I thought to myself, “I bet they’re saving enough on breakfast alone to pay an assistant.”

Well, wouldn’t you know it! No Impact Man wrote last week a post titled Money is Green (wrap your mind around that) from which I’ve extracted the two following paragraphs:

Breakfast alone used to cost us $20. Ashamed as I am to admit it, we used to Google the number for Bagel Bob’s every morning, and then dial for coffee in plastic cups and bagels wrapped in reams of paper. The scene was so familiar to Isabella that when she saw a delivery man on his bike on the street, she would point and shout “the man, the man” as though greeting a long lost friend.

Believe me, when it came to lunch and dinner, in terms of both cost and damage to the environment, it all went down hill from there. In fact, when the project began, we were without a dime in savings and, though not in credit card debt (I’ve been there, done that), we were both way too comfortable being in overdraft. Now, the money idles provocatively in our bank accounts. We’re living on one salary and stashing the other.

So, he WAS saving enough on breakfast to pay for an assistant for ten hours a week, plus compensate them for electric for computer and for DSL and for phone and for the general running around they may (probably) have to do for him.

I thought well I will write No Impact Man a personal note, rather than posting a comment on his blog. I will write him a non-combative friendly note about this. I will write him a personal note so he won’t see it as an open challenge which he might consider it to be if it was a comment on his blog. And I hoped he would reply positively. I really hoped he would reconsider and if he did I would never rag on him again for posts like his Diced Cat Koan lesson. I would shut the hell up.

I wrote a very brief note. Not long-winded. Easy reading. I said,

Was glad to read you’re saving so much money, which was one of the first things I considered, that you would be saving a good deal of money by not eating out alone. For which reason I was surprised when you announced your need for a volunteer intern as you said you hadn’t the money to pay them. What also concerned me is that this intern would be using their computer/electricity to further your No Impact project, but likely at their own expense.

I am wondering if you have reconsidered paying your intern. Or are you, at the very least, considering paying for their electricity, DSL, phone (they are probably doing a good bit of phone for you) and general computer wear and tear?

Though paying an individual to do Impact duties for you would seem to run counter to your project, I would imagine you’d score some points with your readers if you announced you were paying your intern and providing compensation for their expenses via your savings.

I wrote that note early May 3rd and I looked at it before punching the “send” button and I thought, “You are just proving again how dumb you are,” but y’know I’ve done a lot of that in my life and it’s too late to stop now. I will be that kind of stupid until the day I die.

So I punched “send”.

I have not heard back from No Impact Man. He did not send a positive response. He did not send a negative response. He did not send a response saying simply, “Nice weather here. Thanks for writing!”

I am not worthy.

I am not worthy! Shall I fall on my knees and cover my head in dust and shame for not being worthy of a response from the much ballyhooed and beloved No Impact Man?

P.S. Stonebridge wrote a great post on the Low Impact Crusade which I really should link to at least once. Probably twice. So here it is again.

Stan Goff wrote a great post, Cover Letters, which was actually written by a commenter, which he thought ought to be highlighted. A slightly modified version was perhaps written by No Impact Man’s now fabulous intern who is doing his electrical and DSL duties for him. The post is a nice overview of some reasons we homeschool.

Somehow I never pictured Hypatia like this…

I’m so tired I can hardly focus but I’ve had this sitting on my computer for a couple days and it’s time to clear the desk.

First confounded then allured by pre-Raphaelite art

…I have just wasted some time trying to read Charles Kingsley’s Hypatia, upon which this painting of the pagan, Greek philosopher, by Charles Williams Mitchell, is said to be based. She in nubile form (though she was probably murdered in her sixties, but what fun is that) about to be be torn apart by a Christian mob, having just herself apparently been converted to Christianity. So goes Charles Kingsley’s story and yes I spy a sardonic moral there (maybe) but I’ve read the book is supposed to be in parts humorous, and if it’s black humor it is so soppy with overwrought flesh and spirituality that it’s difficult to detect, unless it’s very very very black humor, and the determined manner of overwroughtness has me thinking this isn’t the case.

Anyone have good words to say about this book before I put it down?

The art of debate is all about finding the reflexive AGH! button first, and for No Impact Man it's all about Diced Cat Koan

All right, I now officially (in my bemused world) take up the role of No Impact Man’s nemesis, at least for today, or this morning, because everyone needs a lazy nemesis for balance, a lazy nemesis who doesn’t even bother to post comments on your blog because the last thing they want to do is do a non-debate with a Show Man who has himself professed to being a Not So Much Common Sense Man, but most of all because No Impact Man needs petty recalcitrants like me who won’t prostrate themselves at his bicycle-toned toes when he assumes the position of Nam Cheon’s cat.

No Impact Man, thinking to take down a notch certain critics of his who were apparently querying him on his housekeeper, says the cat is the blue planet and we are not to argue any more about it but all work together for solutions. What No Impact Man, the Show Man, was really doing was saying, “Quit querying me about my housekeeper, you cat killers!” He did this because he knows that few lovers of the blue planet will not be knee-jerk horrified with being called cat killers.

I don’t care about No Impact Man’s cleaner or housekeeper. I don’t care whether he has a nanny or not. He and his wife can spend their respective monies however they desire. But some had questioned him on this, bringing up the idea of class and his position in the class wars and a touch of elitism enabling his current life style while those of the lower tiers were necessarily left out of the privileges of No Impact which some are now calling the fashionable New Black. In response, No Impact Man knee-jerked like he had an army of detractors after him (when, in fact, the comments on his blog are overwhelmingly supportive) and pulled out Nam Cheon’s cat. The housekeeper (he says she is a “cleaner”, that he doesn’t have a “housekeeper”) has nothing to do with Nam Cheon’s cat except by design of No Impact Man’s showmanship, but the ploy worked. There were apologies and No Impact Man said well he gets sensitive some times and accepted the apologies.

According to No Impact Man’s many supporters, I, as a critic, am one of the unexamined masses on the internet who are in shock, defensive and scared of No Impact Man. Fact is, I wouldn’t be a critic of No Impact Man if he came right out and said, “OK! The reason I’m doing all these not-so-common-sense things in my 5th Avenue digs is because I’m a show man, I have a book to sell, and this makes great publicity! I don’t use toilet paper because I knew this, if anything, would capture America’s attention! I climb all these stairs and don’t take the subway because I’m your Marathon Man! But just you wait, when The Experiment is over and it’s time for me to sell my book, I’ll be flying all over to make sure you’re buying. Because, after all, I’m a writer, and it’s real dandy that my passion for the environment dovetails just nicely enough with my ambition to sell that I will give up my computer (while depending on a freebie intern to do my freebie DSL networking) for your amazement, but doesn’t get in the way of my plans, when the show is over, to climb on my plane and fly to your town to sign my book! Hurrah!”

No Impact Man can’t admit to the above for the same reason a magician isn’t likely to drag out the mechanics of his tricks on a stage and run through them with you step by step.

“Look!” says No Impact Man, “No toilet paper!”

People gasp in amazement that anyone could go without toilet paper.

“Look!” says No Impact Man, “No computer!”

People gasp in amazement that he is going no electric and will still be able to blog. How does he do it?! It’s a Big “M” Mystery! And certainly it will be! I couldn’t go uncompromisingly no electric and continue to blog, no way! But then I’m not the magician that No Impact Man is!

“Look!” says No Impact Man, “Not only am I No Impact Man, I’m No Gender Issues Man because I am the House Husband who loves doing what has been classically called the drudgery work of cleaning house and cooking meals!”

A few people grumble that he doesn’t include his Cleaner in that equation, noting that taking care of the household without appliances really did used to be a full-timed job and that making this no appliance move, without housekeeping help, is something many families and women can ill afford. Whereas I call it Showmanship, they call his pulling this off a luxury.

And No Impact Man pulls out of his magic hat Nam Cheon’s cat.

“Look!” cries No Impact Man, playing Nam Cheon, holding the knife to Nam Cheon’s cat, which he also is!

How does he do it?! How can he be both the cat and Nam Cheon (or however you spell it) at the same time?! Squawk! Even more amazing is that the audience intuits No Impact Man is both cat and the blue planet and the venerable channeler of Nam Cheon when he makes them believe he isn’t even holding the knife, instead he makes it appear to be held solely in the hands of The Petty. People stumble over themselves to apologize for those who have driven him to this mind-boggling display of superior restraint! The Petty dance with shock and surprise away from the blade! Forgive us, please!

Look! The house cleaner lives! Within the month she will be complaining about no longer having a vacuum (horrors!) but she lives! The blue planet is saved! No one may again contend with No Impact Man without becoming Cat Killers!

As a bonus, we learn from No Impact Man that the Koan of Diced Cat is quite literally all about the art of debate and compromise and the ability to find the reflexive AGH! button first and slam it, bringing friendly fire queriers to their shivering knees.

From here it’s got to be all downhill, entertainment wise. I don’t know how No Impact Man could possibly beat this.

Personally, I hope No Impact Man succeeds where others have failed and captures the public’s imagination and makes super-consumerism a big no-no. And that’s just great if he makes a good living off it as well. Then he’ll at least be able to help with his volunteer intern’s DSL and electric bill.

No Impact Man, please consider paying your personal secretary whose electricity you'll be using for your No Impact benefit

I posted once on No Impact Man then didn’t post again because…well, he makes me uneasy for some reason. He’s certainly attracted a lot of attention…and he makes me uneasy. The way he’s conducting his experiment and publishing a book and doing a movie makes me uneasy. He does what he can to not sound sanctimonious while sounding religiously committed (at least for this year) which makes him a very friendly sounding guy, but he still makes me uneasy. I would like ours to be a greener living family, and he still makes me uneasy. Attention needs to be focused on greener living…and he’s making me uneasy. I’m listening right now to his interview on NPR, how the one thing he really misses is travel and when he’s off this regime he’d like to travel again but this experiment has made him more aware there are things we can do like taking a plane once a week instead of twice in a weekend. (He used to be a big flyer.)

And he says,

“When the experiment’s over, a little more common sense will apply.”

Which makes my eyebrows go up.

The well-publicized extremes, very marketable extremes to which he’s going certainly are attracting attention because, well, people like a circus. They always have and always will.

And he makes me uneasy.

People generally seem to love No Impact Man and what he’s doing.

I didn’t write about it at the time because he made me uneasy and I would have preferred to not write about him again, but as soon as things got busy busy for Colin, who’s got a book and movie coming out of this, who lives on 5th Avenue with his wife who’s also a professional writer, well, he put up a notice on his blog looking for an intern…who needs their own computer and their own situation from which they can work, who will handle research, phone and correspondence for ten hours a week….

and be paid nothing.

Because he can’t afford to pay anyone.

OK. Fifth Avenue. Used to take lots of trips (flights, hotels etc). They’re not buying new clothes or toys right now, or anything new for that matter. They’re not eating out.

And he can’t afford to pay a secretary (uh, intern)?

No Impact Man is soon moving into a new phase of the experiment wherein he won’t be using electricity, but he wants a secretary (oh, right, intern) to dole out their time and computer and electricity and phone for free???? Not only is he getting their free time but he’s getting electric and communication on their tab?

I decided I needed to go ahead and bring this up and make a plea for No Impact Man to consider paying his so-called intern who is really going to be No Impact Man’s personal secretary or y’know, personal assistant. Correspondence, phone, research. Sounds like personal assistant/secretary to me. Colin needs an assistant/secretary. Because No Impact Man really really needs a reliable connection with electricity and computer and phone and internet because he’s going no-electric some time within the next month.

I’m not faulting Mr. No Impact Man for making a living, everyone’s got to make a living, but damn he makes me uneasy. I wish he’d at least pony up some dollars for the assistant/secretary/intern’s DSL and electric tab.

I'm reminded of Monty Python's "Is he dead, yet?"

“We are prone to think the Indian problem is solved. It is not. Generation after generation must pass away before the last drop of Osage blood in amalgamated lines shall be lost. The future of the remnant of this once great tribe, its influence in the middle west, is a story yet to be written. In the years gone by it was never the government that controlled it so much as the church in its broad reach of influence. What the Osages did or refrained from doing can oftenest be traced back to the character of the red man as shaped by the good influence of the white man’s civilization.”

Written by Margaret Hill McCarter in a sketch on the Catholic missionaries to the Osage, Mother Duchesne and Mother Bridget.

Pg. 284 “Life and Letters of Fathers Ponziglione, Schoenmakers and Other Early Jesuits at Osage Mission, Sketch of St. Francis’ Church, Life of Mother Bridget” by W.W. Graves 1916