Views from the Road, 2006 – New Mexico

Views from the Road - New Mexico, 2005
Views from the Road – New Mexico, 2005
Light box enlargement

View from the road 7, autumn 2005
New Mexico
Digital photo with post processing
copyright J Kearns 2006

Not a panorama shot. Just cut out the road so the perspective is as it was. There’s post processing but the arrangement of the clouds was just like this.

"There are no small roles…"

Bon Air 3
Bon Air Hotel
View On White

Out of nowhere, H.o.p. said, “There are no small roles, only small actors, right?”

I don’t know what he had been thinking about that led up to this question/announcement this afternoon. But he was checking with me to make sure this philosophy was right, which one could tell from his voice he was certain was right but he was wanting to hear what I’d to say anyway.

It’s like wading through mud around here these days. Has been for a while. Speaking only for myself.

This is a kind of disgruntled posting.

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King Mill and the Golden Cherry

Cotton Mill and canal, Augusta, Ga. 1970s
King Mill and canal, Augusta, Ga. 1970s

Marty worked briefly at the King cotton mill after we were married but I didn’t take pics of the mill until after he’d worked there. Across the canal from it was the bulk of the cotton mill neighborhood, the worst part of which, the tenements lining the street, I think were already being torn down. But I remember going past them when I was younger and the humanity sitting out on the stoops was sad. As for the tenements, I remember a distinguishing feature being a lack of paint, such as in the cotton mill area we briefly lived in later outside of Atlanta.

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Portrait of Donna

Pastel, hand tint and digital painting over black and white photo
13 by 12 inches

Donna (don’t recollect her last name) had the largest eyes. Very pretty, unusual looking girl with these huge eyes. Another person I have no idea what happened to.

Will you look at those eyes? I had done a larger portrait and then decided to cut it down to her face alone.

I was thinking of Hammer Films when I did this.

We’re watching “Space Ghost” here. Judy Tenuta is flirting with Space Ghost, who is blushing. “Look, he’s blushing!” says H.o.p., who is fascinated by the fact some people blush. He does not, much to his chagrin. Because he thinks it’s a pretty neat human trick. And now here’s Timothy Leary, “The Most Dangerous Man Alive” no longer. H.o.p. skips Timothy Leary and rewinds it to watch Judy Tenuta again. And again.

Believe it or not, the Halloween candy is all gone. H.o.p. didn’t get much straight out chocolate in his haul. Fine chocolate (real good expensive chocolate) and M&Ms are about all the candy he will eat. Don’t get the idea he isn’t a sweets freak though because if there’s good chocolate around he would eat it all day. Same with M&Ms. His haul was largely composed of things like KitKats and Baby Ruths and Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Pops, which he opened, took one lick or nibble and discarded. There are a few bags of sweet and sour candies left that he’s holding on to, knowing that his cousins like them and he hopes to some day like them as well. In the meanwhile, I guess he keeps them out of a sense of solidarity. But I only bring all this up to say I guess it’s time to take down the fake spider webs. The carved pumpkin we deposited in the trash on Halloween as after only a couple of days it was already full of white fuzzy mold (never seen mold grow so fast, it was about an inch in length if not longer). The 5 foot green Halloween skeleton is hanging from H.o.p.’s door and I think that is going to be on permanent display.

I used to work with a woman who every day, at 3, had a KitKat. Before long I was having a KitKat every day at 3 too, just out of some peculiar sense of solidarity. I don’t even care for KitKats that much. Had only had one before and haven’t had a Kit Kat since.

Man, I love Space Ghost. Every so often H.o.p. pulls out the Space Ghost and we go on a Space Ghost spree. One of my favorite episodes is “Banjo”.

“Okay… I’m all alone… Banjo? Oh, Banjo! My, how you’ve grown! (To the tune of Flipper) I’m Banjo! Banjo! Faster than light-ning!…Ow! You could have taken my hand off! Bad Banjo!”

We’ve been watching today the one in which Kirk the Storyteller and Carl the Cartoonist recreate the Banjo episode. Funny, funny stuff. The part of Banjo the Sea Monkey is played by people in a Chinese Dragon costume.

Still no politics here. As long as Bush’s poll ratings are crashing and the Dems aren’t scrambling to impeach him, I’ll probably have nothing much to say about politics. I just don’t have much to say after New Orleans. I don’t even have anything to say about not having anything to say.

I read about the madness on other people’s blogs.

Finally, a portrait for Mike Miller that he’ll likely never see (repost)

[clear]Mike Miller
Pastel, hand tint and digital painting on black and white photo

Whoops, I messed up and replaced this post with another. Anyway, restating the story, Mike Miller was my humanities prof in College and briefly a friend of ours as he soon moved. I’ve no idea what happened to him. Right before he left, I took some pics of him that didn’t turn out well but I hung onto a couple thinking I’d one day do a portrait.