Have you ever seen a UFO? Interview #13

“She saw it first. She jumped and shot over to the window.”

The individual asked to remain anonymous so fake names are used. The first sighting involves two witnesses in Ooltewah, Tennessee in 1992. The second sighting was about three months later in the same location.

Idyllopus Press: Have you ever seen a UFO?

Interviewee: Yes.

Idyllopus Press: Yes…

Interviewee: As in unidentified…

Idyllopus Press: Right.

Interviewee: I don’t claim it to be anything but…

Idyllopus Press: Just unidentified.

Interviewee: I wish I could claim it to be…

Idyllopus Press: Where was this?

Interviewee: Chattanooga. Tennessee. Ooltewah, to be exact.

Idyllopus Press: This was how many years ago? What year?

Interviewee: Uhm, Jennie was, I think she was sixteen.

Idyllopus Press: And what time of year?

Interviewee: I don’t know.

Idyllopus Press: You don’t remember the time of year.

Interviewee: No. It wasn’t the dead of winter.

Idyllopus Press: And what year was this?

Interviewee: Around ’92.

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"Have you ever seen a UFO?" Interview #12

“The sun can’t be down there. And I know it’s not the moon. What is that?”

Idyllopus Press: Have you ever seen a UFO?

Guitarist with Gold Ceiling: OK, 575. 575 Highway. Going to Blue Ridge. I was going to buy a farm. This woman I talk about, R_____, she sold property and this kind of stuff. She also wrote books and stuff, really deep person, and…

Artist Wife of Guitarist: But she did past life regression.

Guitarist with Gold Ceiling: She did past life regression…

Artist Wife of Guitarist: Therapies…

Guitarist with Gold Ceiling: Oh yeah…and she was 20 years older than me and she and I dated, which everyone thought was like the weirdest thing in the world. She was like 60 and I was like 40 something. Anyway, so, she took me up to see this farm in Blue Ridge, and I had an Oldsmobile, uh, Cutlass 88. And I filled up with gas when we left her house which was right over off Ashwood-Dunwoody Road. We got on the expressway and we drove up there. Full tank of gas, right? So we get to Blue Ridge and this farm is on a bed of crystal. Literally, quartz crystal. You could walk across the ground and it was like stories I’d heard about Africa and diamonds. You could walk across the ground and just kick the dirt and crystals would pop up. And I thought, well, this is just weird as shit. And it was phenomenally cheap! So, anyway, we hung out for a little while and that kind of stuff. We ate at this Greek restaurant, coming back down. There was just this incredible food, stuff like that.

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Have you ever seen a UFO? Interview #11

“I have.”

The interview concerns a sighting in Augusta, Georgia in the 1970s.

Idyllopus Press: OK, we’re recording now. Have you ever seen a UFO?

Software Developer: I have.

Idyllopus Press: You have? Really? Tell me about it.

Software Developer: I don’t remember too much other than it was at high school, during the day time, over the high school…

Idyllopus Press: This was in Augusta, Georgia.

“I saw a sort of a silver elongated thing, sort of in the distance, flying not over the school but past the school. It didn’t look like a plane but it may have been.”

Software Developer: Yes. I saw a sort of a silver elongated thing, sort of in the distance, flying not over the school but past the school. It didn’t look like a plane but it may have been.

Idyllopus Press: OK.

Software Developer: I couldn’t identify it.

Idyllopus Press: OK. So this was in the afternoon?

Software Developer: Yes, in the afternoon.

Idyllopus Press: Did it just track out of sight, you watched it slowly going out of sight?

Software Developer: I followed it for about a minute or so and then lost interest.

Idyllopus Press (laughing): Ok. That was some spectacular UFO sighting, hmmm? Very. It really held your attention there. The aliens weren’t too exciting.


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Have you ever seen a UFO? Interview #10

“Yes, I have.”

Interview with a nurse and mother of three children who saw a UFO in the Tampa Bay, Florida area as a youth. We did the interview surrounded by swirling, twirling children. Imagine sounds of rambunctious play (i.e. constant screaming, mostly joyful) in the background.

Idyllopus Press: I think we’re recording now. OK, I ask three questions. And the first question is, have you ever seen a UFO?

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: Yes, I have.

Idyllopus Press: You have seen a UFO? Tell me about it.

“there weren’t any plane sounds, no engine sounds to it at all, all we saw were flickering lights and they kind of zipped out of the sky.”

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: Well, when I was about ten years old I was with some friends and we were walking down the street and I looked up in the sky and there was…these lights that were like flickering and none of us could determine what it was and it lasted probably for about a couple of minutes then they just, it just went off. And we always wondered what it was because it didn’t make any sound, we couldn’t hear anything. There is an airport kind of nearby but there weren’t any plane sounds, no engine sounds to it at all, all we saw were flickering lights and they kind of zipped out of the sky.

Idyllopus Press: So it didn’t disappear, it just zipped out of the sky.

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: Yeah.

Idyllopus Press: In what direction?

Blue Jean Skirt Woman: I don’t know. I mean…

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Have you ever seen a UFO? Interview #9

“Yes. On two separate occasions. Once as a child and once as an adult.”

The below is an interview, via a chat client, with Brother Arvin Hill. The sightings are two which occurred in Texas, outside of Dallas and in Denton county.

Idyllopus Press: Soooo…you want to jump right into it?

Brother Arvin: Ready.

Idyllopus Press: The first question is always…have you ever seen a UFO?

Brother Arvin: Yes. On two separate occasions. Once as a child and once as an adult.

Idyllopus Press: Tell me about the first. (That’s great, two instances.)

Brother Arvin: I was eleven or twelve years old. I believe it was sixth grade.

Brother Arvin: It was about 7:45 a.m. Beautiful spring morning. Clear skies. A family down the street was going to give me a ride to school. Sometimes I walked, but for whatever reason, I didn’t that day….

Idyllopus Press: Was this in Texas?

Brother Arvin: Yes. Mesquite, Texas. A suburb of Dallas.

Idyllopus Press: OK.

Brother Arvin: My neighbors were one of those chaotic families. Three kids and a loud, obnoxious mother. I went into their house and waited for them to finish getting ready for school. Probably five minutes or so…

“I looked…in the direction of the school, and there in the sky was this large spherical metallic object.”

Brother Arvin: Then we all exited the house and began piling into the car. So there were at least four kids, a couple younger than me; one my own age. And as we were about to get into the car, for some reason, I looked up. The street ran east / west. I looked to the east, which was in the direction of the school, and there in the sky was this large spherical metallic object.

Brother Arvin: At first, I thought it was the moon.

Brother Arvin: I pointed at it and said (to anyone who would listen) “What is that?”

Brother Arvin: And I remember the kids’ mother looking over her shoulder – remember, we’re loading up into the car – and very quickly returning attention to the task at hand, which was getting us all to school. It was as though it didn’t really register with her.

Idyllopus Press: Interesting.

Brother Arvin: None of the kids were the least bit interested.

Brother Arvin: And I was still thinking, “Can that be the moon?” I knew about UFO’s, but it didn’t really occur to me that it was a UFO.

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"Have you ever seen a UFO?" Interview #8

“No. I wish I could say yes. But, no.”

The interviewee hadn’t ever seen a UFO, but was willing to talk about a powerful synchronicity in her life.

Idyllopus Press: OK, recording. Do you want to be anonymous for this or first name or what?

Anon: How about anonymous?

Idyllopus Press: OK and I’ll take a picture of your shoe or something afterwards because we must have a picture.

Anon (laughing): OK.

Idyllopus Press: All right. The first question. Have you ever seen a UFO?

Anon: No. I wish I could say yes. But, no.

Idyllopus Press: OK. Do you know anyone who’s seen a UFO?

Anon: I don’t think so.

Idyllopus Press: OK. Have you ever dreamt about a UFO?

Anon: I don’t think so.

Idyllopus Press: OK. Second question. What’s your most interesting coincidence you’ve ever had?

“The (coincidence) that is most powerful to me, because I felt it was waking me up to something, was something that happened when I was about 19 years old. And I was living in Nashville at the time and I worked for Nashville’s equivalent to Georgia Power.”

Anon: The one that is most powerful to me, because I felt it was waking me up to something, was something that happened when I was about 19 years old. And I was living in Nashville at the time and I worked for Nashville’s equivalent to Georgia Power. So, to me it’s significant that it’s the power company I was working for. And I was getting ready to go home one weekend, which I would do from time to time, and a woman named Eleanor who worked in an office down the hall had come in. And I had talked to Eleanor before. She was just an ordinary woman, probably in her 50’s. And I mentioned that I was going home for the weekend, and she said, “Oh…”

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"Have you ever seen a UFO?" #7

“Not that I know of.”

Ken is a studio owner/engineer/producer.

H.o.p. (Hums an intro): This is “Mom’s Questions”. Cast, mom and me. Mom is the questioner, I am the sound man.

I didn’t realize this was “Mom’s Questions”. But it is, of course, to H.o.p. And when he’s an adult and sharing with friends his childhood memories, they’re going to say, “What? Your mom used to drag you around to record people while she asked them if they’d ever seen a UFO?” And he’ll heave a sigh and say yes and wait for the pity.

Idyllopus Press: OK, the first question is always, “Have you ever seen a UFO?”

Ken: Not that I know of.

Idyllopus Press: Not that you know of. OK. The second question is what is the most interesting coincidence you’ve ever experienced.

Ken: Goodness…I’d have to think about that one.

Idyllopus Press: Would you like to think about it while we do the third one?

Ken: Yes.

H.o.p.: Wait! The third question? Sings opening notes of Beethoven’s Fifth.

Idyllopus Press: The third question is also an off-the-top-of-your head thing. What’s a history that comes to mind, a story you might like to relate.

Ken: Gosh, these are difficult questions.

Idyllopus Press: Do you have a favorite story you like to tell?

Ken: Well…we were down at the bottom of White Quarry…

Idyllopus Press: White Quarry?

Ken: White Quarry, a quarry near Cartersville. And we were diving there, and I was putting some air into my buoyancy compensator vest and I lost my regulator, and at this moment my light began flashing on and off so that we had this strobe effect, and my partner was seeing me half drowning and half reaching for my regulator, trying to turn my light back on, and he couldn’t decide whether to give me his air or not, but fortunately by the time he’d decided to I’d grabbed my air and put it back into my mouth so I lived.

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Have you ever seen a UFO? Interview #6

“Yes, definitely!”

The interview concerns a pair of sightings in Detroit, Michigan in the mid 1990s.

“It was very low and it had lights that were spinning around the perimeter of it.”


IDYLLOPUS PRESS: OK, the first question is always “Have you ever seen a UFO?”

DAMIEN: Yes, definitely.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: You have! OK! Tell me about it.

Look! Look! I’ve got a UFO sighting!

DAMIEN: I was probably about 12, 13, 14, somewhere in there, and I literally saw a flying saucer.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: It was a saucer.

H.O.P.: Ooooo!

DAMIEN: It was very low and it had lights that were spinning around the perimeter of it. And it sat above a house across the street and I got a good five second glimpse at it before it just disappeared.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: It just disappeared or it took off?

DAMIEN: It took off. It was a flash of light and it was gone.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: A flash of light and it was gone. In the flash of light did it disappear or did it go in any particular direction?

DAMIEN: It went in a direction. It went up and away and then it was gone.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: In just that fast? (Snaps fingers.)

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"Have you ever seen a UFO?" #5

“I have NOT seen a UFO.”

Niki was my second interviewee. But that interview was lost. We arranged to speak the next day and she brought along Gretchen, her roommate. To keep an element of surprise for Gretchen, I interviewed her first, making her my fourth interviewee, then interviewed Niki again next. Because this became a serial/group interview, I’ve elected to place Niki’s as my fifth interview, since it naturally follows Gretchen’s. You can read Gretchen’s interview here.

Oh, I should note that Niki and Gretchen, in connection with Niki’s “coincidence” story, speak of a Julieanna (Julianna?) or Julie. That’s not me. I’m Juli and don’t have a previous acquaintance with Niki or Gretchen.

Niki works in an art gallery and is an entrepreneur.

“I don’t discredit anyone who says that they have seen one.”


IDYLLOPUS PRESS: Now, back to…OK. H.o.p., sit up, let’s get a little closer here. And…have you ever seen a UFO?

NIKI: I have NOT seen a UFO.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: But, you said…we talked about this yesterday…and we ended up with it not being recorded…but you said that you didn’t think they were UFOs? What do you believe they are?

NIKI: What did I say?

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: You said something to the effect–no, you said that you didn’t think that they were flying saucers. That’s what you said.

NIKI: Oh, yes, that I didn’t think that our predisposition is necessarily accurate towards it. But, just as I was saying that I expect it to be something that just shoots off? I mean, that’s fabricated from some place. There’s no reason why it wouldn’t be like a hot air balloon. The same reason I was saying with…in the woods. But I don’t discredit anyone who says that they have seen one. I’m sure that there are plenty of people who are, for whatever reason, kind of, um, I don’t know, switching the tru…maybe, a little bit on the edge, but I have no reason not to believe them. So…I’d like to see one. I’d like to think…why not me? Why not?

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"Have you ever seen a UFO?" #4

“My sister says that she did. When we were very young and living in Lebanon, Ohio”


I’d done Interview 2 with Niki but it hadn’t made it into the recorder, so we had planned to do the interview again the next evening. Niki showed up with her roommate, Gretchen, who was just as game, and in order to keep an element of surprise I spoke first with Gretchen then Niki.

During the interview, Niki asked a number of questions of Gretchen, mining for information, and I began to wonder about my planned approach, which was to be…well…fairly passive, to ask the questions but not chase down details and opinion, to take the stories as offered. However, H.o.p., when interviewing me, certainly didn’t take that approach, and neither did Niki. And as Niki dove in and began her enthusiastic questioning of Gretchen, I sat back and thought about it, listening to them both, and considered that Niki’s approach was likely much better than what I’d initially envisioned.

My life long habit is to leave on the cutting room floor 99.99 percent of what passes through my mind during conversations and interviews, and I’m seeing that may perhaps be problematic as the very few points where I make an observation seem like little floating islands out of context of what were my thoughts that led up to the observation.

Should I even be making observations? It’s one thing to pursue a line of inquiry, to entice and invite opinion and detail. Should I offer any more than that?

Another thing, as is becoming obvious in these interviews thus far, I should probably reconsider the order of the questions as well, though I’d like to keep “Have you ever seen a UFO” as the opening inquiry.

“I believe that they’re there…”

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: Recording? OK. Have you ever seen a UFO?

GRETCHEN: Ooooh. Not personally. But I believe that they’re there. I think that it’s not something outside my imagination. I don’t think it’s hard to believe.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: OK. Do you know anyone who’s seen one?

GRETCHEN: I don’t….my sister says that she did. When we were very young and living in Lebanon, Ohio, that’s where I’m from, originally, in the Cincinnati area, she says she has. And I believe her. I never thought she was weird.

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"Have you ever seen a UFO?" #3


Ben was loading a dresser into his truck. I asked him if he’d like to do an interview. He asked what it would be about. This was only my third interview and no one had asked me what it would be about before and I wondered how best to answer that question without ruining the surprise of the first question and considered I really ought to think this through later. He asked me if it was anything that would have the government showing up at his door. I told him no. I told him I’d also want a photo, though it could be simply of his foot if he wanted to remain anonymous. He had no problem with me taking his photo but he promptly plopped a big white hat on his head that sucked the sun into it and the pictures came out rather inadequate so I thought I’d just use this one of a book he was giving to H.o.p., “Explore a Spooky Swamp”, as counterpoint to the interview. Ben takes in thousands of books and has regular sales to raise money for the library and has won a number of prestigious awards for his volunteerism.

H.O.P.: This is H.o.p. and Mom and their questions and we’re going to do it right now. Go ahead mom.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: My first question is always, “Have you ever seen a UFO”?

BEN: No.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: I knew that because we’ve talked about that before. The second question is always, what is the most interesting coincidence you’ve ever had happen to you, the most memorable.

BEN: Coincidence. Things that you’ve thought of that happen later…

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: All kinds of coincidences…

H.O.P.: Like my alien balloon popping.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: Yes, that was a coincidence.

BEN: This is tough.


BEN: This is a tough thing. I’m having trouble thinking, my memory slipping I guess.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: It is a tough question.

BEN: I have a latest thing that happened.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: A coincidence?

BEN: Explain what you mean by coincidence.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: Say you’re thinking of something and something that has to do with what you’re thinking about happens. For instance, you’re thinking about somebody and they call. It can be mundane and every day or exceptional. Some people have exceptional coincidences. Or if you can’t think of a coincidence perhaps something…eerie. (Ben had, after all, just given H.o.p. the book, “Exploring a Spooky Swamp!”)

BEN: I’m not sure I can even think of a coincidence, where something happened that I had a premonition…

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: Not even a premonition. It can be like, “Oh, I was just thinking about such and such…”

BEN: Oh, yeah. Wow. This is hard for me. I can’t think of anything, right now. This now.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: Can’t think of anything? OK.

H.O.P.: Move on to the THIIIIIRRRRD question.

BEN: This is bad. I’ll think of something as I ride home.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: You probably will and it will be too late for me. If you want we can come back to this.

H.O.P.: The third question!

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: What is a story you’d most like to tell, which is going to be tough as you always have so many stories.

BEN: Yeah, what is a story?


BEN: Yeah, well I just recently spent a few minutes telling a lady the history about why I’m banking with Sun Trust bank.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: That would be just fine.

BEN: It’s amazing because for years, I started off, I banked with C&S bank from 1950 to 1963, and every Monday I would go into the bank on Pharr Road and Peachtree and cash a check for $10.


BEN: Because that’s what I needed for lunch money that week.


H.O.P.: Umm hum.

BEN: So, I would go in and I would walk up to the teller with my $10 check and she would look at me very suspiciously because every week it would be a new person.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: Were they dressed in yellow or other colors?

BEN: That’s a good question.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: I used to know a person who worked at C&S and she said they preferred that they dress in yellow because it was nice and sunny.

BEN: That’s a good…that’s interesting. Well, C&S I think liked blue suits for men and gray suits, kind of like IBM, gray suits, and for women white blouses and you couldn’t see below the blouse so whatever. So, anyway, up to the lady I would go with my $10 check and she would ask me if I had an account there and I would say yes I have this check and I have an account here and I would like to cash it and she would hum, well, you have to get it approved by that person over there and I’d say ok and I would go over there and they would say have a seat and sign in this little book and I think the vice president would come out and he would ask me for my driver’s license and they he’d look very carefully at it and sometimes he would go back over to the teller and check and uhm my signature card, so, it was an arduous, what would you call it?

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: Yes, a difficult process…

BEN: Yes, a difficult process and they’d look at me and then look at my signature and look back and I always had a suit and a tie on and my hair wasn’t combed just right probably. I tried to shave and do the rest of that stuff properly. So, anyway, I decided I would go into this little bank there on Peachtree Road called the People’s Bank, and there was a nice lady, an older teller there, looked like somebody’s grandmother, named Mrs. Mason. And, with glasses and reddish brown hair and a white blouse with a ruffled collar, and always looked the same. There was nobody else in that bank except for Mrs. Mason and over sitting in another room a nice old feller named Mr. Clodfelter. And Mr. Clodfelter was the president of the bank and she was the teller, and I’d go in to cash my $10 check, she would look at me and say, “Good to see you,” and she would cash my check so I was a customer of People’s Bank. But Mr. Clodfelter got old and he decided and he decided (laughs) this is a long story…

IDYLLOPUS PRESS (laughing): I’m waiting for the punch line.

BEN (laughing): You may never get there. So, anyway, Mr. Clodfelter’s getting old so he decides to sell the bank to Georgia Railroad Savings Bank of Augusta, so…

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

BEN: So they become First Georgia Bank.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: When was this?

BEN: Oh, this has got to be sixties, seventies.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: Right, years ago.

BEN: So, first Georgia Railroad and Savings Bank and I go in there and they have four or five people, but generally they have the same people in there and I don’t have a lot of trouble cashing my check. But, and it goes along pretty well for twenty years. Well, for fifteen years.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: We started out with them in Augusta and I didn’t like them.

BEN: The sixteenth year they become First Union Bank, they sell out to First Union, and my daughter goes to work there during the summer. I mean we were pals, you know? So she works there, they train her to be a teller, they train her to do something, they give her an award for selling more savings bonds than anybody else and this goes on for four years off and on. So my daughter decides to get married, this is my daughter, Anna, and I need money, right? Because this wedding’s, Linda’s planned this incredible wedding. And it’s going to cost lots and lots of money. So I go back into First Union Bank and there’s this nice little lady I’m friendly with named Mrs. Something-I-Can’t-Remember-Right-Now and I say I want to borrow $20,000 because my daughter’s getting married.


BEN: She’s finished college and she’s marrying this guy she met in college and they wanted, oh, they were so thrilled, and what I wanted was a Home Equity Loan and I want to pay monthly payments on it until I pay it off. And the lady says, “That sounds OK, now where do you live?” So I gave her the address and everything and we got to talking and she said, “Who built your house?” And I said, “I built my house.” And she said, “What kind of house is it?” And I said, “It’s a log house.” And she said, “Log house?! Wait just a minute.” She went back into a room and out comes the vice president and the vice president comes up and says, “We don’t loan money on log houses.” And I said, “Well, wait a minute, I don’t owe any money on my log house.” No, no money on log houses. It would be a first mortgage. So I said it’s not that much money, I can pay it. Anyway, to make a long story out of it I was very discouraged and I got home and we got to talking and I remembered Susan Houston, a long time contemporary, was working for Trust Company of Georgia in the Home Equity Department. Became Sun Trust Company. So I called her up and she said, “We’ll send the appraiser out there.” The appraiser went out and looks at the house and he says, “Well, uh, I don’t see anything wrong with this.” He calls back to Susan. By that time, I didn’t need the whole $20,000, I only needed fifteen. So they said they would loan me a lot more than that, the appraisal was a mammoth amount of money. Not a million dollars but to me, it seemed like to me.

So Susan Houston loaned me the money. I paid it back. And I was relieved, a lot of the strain was gone from worrying if poor Anna was going to be able to have the lavish wedding she needed, and that wedding turned out to be kind of a copy of… now, this is a coincidence…!

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: OK! A coincidence!

BEN: The wedding turned out to be almost exactly like “Father of the Bride”, the movie. Hmmm…have you ever?

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: H.o.p. has never seen…

BEN: Oh, there are two of them! The first one’s the best one, with Spencer Tracy, and the other…

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: You know, I have’t seen that one, I’ve only seen…

BEN: Well, it’s the same story, but it’s much better with Spencer Tracy.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: OK, we’ll have to get it.

BEN: Anyway, I can’t watch it because it sets me into a dither because I was so stressed out anyway. So there is the Father of the Bride at the wedding and he’s supposed to dance with the bride, you know, where the orchestra is playing, OK, so where is the father but out in the parking lot helping to get the cars parked around the building. I was that same guy. That’s a coincidence.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: A similarity.

BEN: So I can’t watch “Father of the Bride”, I’d rather watch something else. Even with Steve Martin, I’d rather…so that could be a coincidence. They used to laugh about the movie and they’d, the kids, they wanted to show it and wanted to watch me react (laughs). I’d go into tears. Oh, my goodness. So, happily ever after, the bill got paid and Sun Trust lent the money and I feel a great loyalty to them and I do not feel a lot of loyalty to First Union who has become now Wachovia or whatever that weird name is. They’re nice people, they were always nice people, they were always nice to me, they took my money and they put it in their bank and did with it what they did and I checked it all back out at one time. So there you are H.o.p., we may have come up with a coincidence.

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: Or similarity.

H.O.P.: Is it over?

IDYLLOPUS PRESS: The story is over, thank you very much!

H.O.P.: OK, everybody, clap. One, two, three and now! (H.o.p. and Idyllopus clap.)

The interview done, we then talked about a lot of other stuff.

"Have you ever seen a UFO?" #2

“Maybe tomorrow is better,” I said. “I’ve not figured out the recorder yet and H.o.p.’s camera isn’t charged.”

I knew an arrangement where I’d be using H.o.p.’s digital camera to capture interviews for transcription wasn’t going to work out as he is using his camera all the time and I never know when it’s going to be charging or when he’s going to be in middle of filming something and won’t want me borrowing the camera. So, as Marty was also thinking it might be useful for him, I ordered a little digital recorder.

The recorder came in today. (So soon!) For a small package, it is stuffed with all kinds of controls and I hadn’t yet tried to figure it all out when Marty got home and said he had an interviewee outside waiting for me.

“Maybe tomorrow is better,” I said. “I’ve not figured out the recorder yet and H.o.p.’s camera isn’t charged.”

“Oh, I can figure it out, no problem,” the musician, studio engineer, producer said.

“Great,” I said.

I grabbed my boots and my camera and tossed him the recorder and we headed outside. We did the interview, which turned out to be a nice long one with some wildly interesting stories. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

I took photos.

“Uh, let me go see if this came out all right,” Marty said looking worried.

Well, turns out he hadn’t completely figured out the recorder when he thought he had and the interview was lost. So, I’ve got a photo but no interview.

We’ve arranged, hopefully, to do it again Thursday evening.

“You sure I won’t be damaged goods now, since it won’t be as spontaneous?” the woman asked.

No, no, it’s all right, I assured.

“Maybe you could ask some other questions,” she said.

The first two questions need to always be the same for this project, I told her, but I can change the third question.

Hopefully, hopefully, we will get that second interview done. I worked on the photo tonight and it’s a nice fuzzy twilight shot.

Marty figured out the recorder and showed it to H.o.p. as it’s going to be H.o.p.’s job to do the recording himself. Getting used to the recorder H.o.p. interviewed me…and, boy, he was good. I wasn’t taking it all very seriously, was being pretty brief with my answers and he put on this persona of like this pro interviewer politely reminding me that the people couldn’t see my gestures so could I be a little more descriptive, and asked all kinds of questions seeking exacting details in a conversational way. What was interesting too is they weren’t leading questions, he never sought to put words in my mouth, instead they were questions that would have helped any interviewee verbally paint an involving picture. I was seriously surprised.

“Damn!” I thought. “I’m not even needed! H.o.p. could more than capably do this all by himself!”

I would offer a transcription of that recording but it ended up getting lost too as H.o.p. didn’t quite have the recording part down yet.