To Something Brighter

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To something brighter. The place is a veritable disaster wrought of creative play. My desk is stacked with dozens of drawings all done in the last 24 hours. Modeling clay creatures made this afternoon. Ink stamps and pads lay all over H.o.p.’s computer keyboard. He was painting this afternoon too and his paints are out. Last year he made a …

Why can I never remember Karl Rove’s face?

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I never can remember Karl Rove’s face. Rumsfeld is easy. When I think Rumsfeld I think Wes Craven’s “Hellraiser”. Rumsfeld has always, always been “Hellraiser” to me. But Rove? Nothing. A suit with a zero for a head. Continuing. My son can draw like crazy. This is not one of his drawings-drawings. This is my son doing a quick deliberation …

Shadow Walking

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Shadow Walking by H.o.p. And here a proud mom struts her son’s stuff. H.o.p. did this when he was 5 actually. I always think he was 6 but he was 5 and had just discovered Photoshop. Was one of his first pieces in Photoshop. At age 5 he is superior here to anything I’ve ever produced.

I was back at the bottom of the hill, it was night, and I had started my walk up it

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Wednesday a.m. I was still stressing over CSS when from the other room came ooo, nice tingly tinkly xylophone on PBS Kids. Early millennium gateway to jazz of yesteryear. For the second time in two days I felt briefly upbeat. And then PBS took my new happy theme music away and returned to the Arthur show. I’d labored on CSS …