H.o.p. modeling clay – "Tim"

“Tim”, a cartoon character. We ran out of colored modeling clay yesterday so H.o.p. went ahead and used a neutral color and painted everything he made.

He has his priorities down. He may be incapable of cleaning up anything, but the moment he is done painting he always washes his brushes. Serious business for him. And he is good at too. Does a thorough job.

He painted the wall. He had knocked a chip of the old wallpaper off. I hadn’t gotten around to painting it yet, so he went ahead and painted it with his white acrylic. He believes that just about anything can be fixed with paint and glue.

3 new packs of paper sit on the table. His dad dropped them off this morning before heading to the studio. “Paper!” said H.o.p. First things first. Paper is a priority. Then he dove into breakfast. After his dad left he comes in and says, “I need to call my dad and say thanks for getting me the paper!” Then he realized he was out of his pens. And a good thing it was too that I managed to find one.

He’s like I was from the age 3 on up. I would put up with a different kind of paper and pen, if I had to, but I had my definite preference for paper and pen. I didn’t care much for pencil. And I hated cheap Bics because they didn’t roll smoothly and left little blots. He’s the same way. In particular about pens. Has to be a particular make. He won’t touch a cheap Bic. He would prefer not to draw.

Moby pulls the plug on Elmo’s computer (H.o.p. art)

[clear]Moby pulls the plug on Elmo’s computer, H.o.p., 2005, 7 yoa
Hand sketch, scanned, colored in Photoshop

Moby is a rather rough robot in the educational Flashes at Brain Pop. He is the side-kick to human Tim, and is always doing something to annoy Tim or outright being nasty to him in his joking robot way. I believe that here H.o.p. is expressing his discontent at when mom or dad have told him it’s time to get off the computer for the evening.

H.o.p. art blogging

[clear]Alien, by H.o.p.

H.o.p. has been doing play-doh modeling clay sculptures since he was 4 or 5. We have boxes and boxes of them. They are all falling apart as this stuff doesn’t last. I need to get some of them scanned before they completely deteriorate. And I thought, hell, I’ll post them too. Or some of them.

Don’t be fooled. This modeling clay is really pretty difficult to work with. It’s not very user friendly. It’s not like pliable clay where you can smooth and create textures and make very fine details, nor is it like Fimo or Sculpey. It has an odd spongy quality. But it comes in colors and the colors can be mixed, and it dries in about 4 hours so that the creations can be played with. And that’s the main thing. H.o.p. likes to use it to make creatures and characters for toys.