H.o.p.’s first point and click game on Scratch

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This is the latest game H.o.p. wwas working on, the one I wrote about recently. His first point and click story game. He did all the coding for it with Scratch, made the sprites, and found non-public domain images for the background via Google searches. “Have you forgotten everything I taught you about copyright?” …I asked him. “Oh, wow! I’ll …

H.o.p. is still deep into Scratch

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H.o.p. is making a new Scratch game and, knowing that the MIT site has kids of all ages, he’s checking with me to make sure that adding in the element of a skull won’t be too scary for them. “It’s supposed to be scary but do you think it’ll be all right for little kids?” He’s very conscientious about wanting …

H.o.p. is Published

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H.o.p. is ogling the new Ill CD–a band which he loves, which makes it even more exciting and special to him that they used for the cover art an old drawing of H.o.p.’s that was down on the studio wall. “I’m too surprised to even speak. My own art work on the cover of Ill!” I’m paraphrasing there. He had …

Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game

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Our son is a big fan of the Mouse Guard books. Which means he’s going to soon find this Mouse Guard game and want it. (Has great reviews.) As for his making a computer game, last night he announced that he realized he didn’t really want to try to program a game, he just wants to do the graphics for …

Chuck Jones on TCM

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Chuck Jones extravaganza on TCM. H.o.p. was on pins and needles, waiting all week. Watched the bio in reverent awe. But he hadn’t realized Jones was dead… “He lived to be 90!” I told H.o.p. He was still sad because so many of his heroes are…well…dead. “Is he/she alive?” “No, they’re dead.” “Why is everyone dead?!”

Kitty and the Rainy Day (H.o.p.'s 2nd Flipboom movie)

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Kitty and the Rainy Day from H.o.p. on Vimeo. Here’s H.o.p.’s second animation in Flipboom. H.o.p. started on this on Sunday night last, immediately after finishing his first Flipboom movie, and did much of the work in one sitting. Then he worked on the animation in fits and starts what amounted to a couple of other days during the week. …

H.o.p.’s new movie "Kitty and the Invisible Butterfly"

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H.o.p. has posted a new movie called Kitty and the Invisible Butterfly. He’s hoping for some comments…but most of all he hopes people will enjoy it. It’s his first movie made on Flipboom, an animation program for children made by the Toonboom people. H.o.p. sat down with it tonight, taught himself how to use it and produced this in short …