Gayaneh’s Adagio

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Like a moth to a lamp. Middle of conversation, I heard a familiar tune and went into the other person’s living room to see on the television a music channel and the words Gayaneh’s Adagio. A bit of dissonance between what I was seeing on the screen and my knowing I was acquainted with the piece through a favored movie. …

Of Course

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“American Microphone,” Marty says while we’re watching ” North by Northwest” during the UN scene. Of course he noticed the mics being used. “Love them. They’re great,” he says.

Get Happy

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The whole performance is grand but 1:16-1:32 picks you up and flings you into a whole other stratosphere. Amazing what she could pack into 16 seconds. 16 seconds! Doesn’t hurt that the set design is out of this world and all is framed by very nice camera work that takes a deceptive back seat. I’ve watched it a number …of …