Lawrenceville Gas Station Landscape, Georgia, 2013

Lawrenceville, Gas Station Landscape, 2013
Lawrenceville Gas Station Landscape, 2013

Lawrenceville, Georgia Gas Station Lawn, 2013
Lawrenceville Gas Station Landscape #2, 2013

There was a rabbit hiding back at the very edge of the lawn. One can’t see it here. I was the only one on the lawn and I know it had frozen in its spot as soon as I stepped up and began taking photos as I had more than several shots and later realized it was in them. Advancing toward the edge of the lawn, I didn’t notice the rabbit until I was standing about a foot from it, it was that perfectly still. Then it bolted into the tall grass and bushes.

The Weather for the Long and Short Haul is Cloudy with a Chance of Laundry

The Fan at the Laundromat, 2013, processed 2014

The Laundromat, 2013, processed 2014

We are refreshed. I redid the website to something a little more suitable temperamentally. The website, I coded. The blog has a new look as well but this template I purchased because I wanted plain good WordPress functionality without too much effort.

We are refreshed, but refreshed in the kind of way you’re refreshed after a long, hard drive, you’re resting in a motel after a bath, you haven’t eaten anything except for a bag of chips, you really need to do the laundry, and the next day is focused less on a tantalizing horizon than on hoping your car will hang in there and get you to the next pit stop.

The Kubrick analyses, except for some short posts without too many images, have all been migrated over to the main website. I’ve some touching up to do and some more images and thoughts to add but will update on that later.

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Grass Burn, Fauna Road, Kansas – Google Maps Redux

Grass Burn, Fauna Road, Kansas - Google Maps Redux
Grass Burn, Fauna Road, Kansas – Google Maps Redux
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Google Maps Redux (repurposing street view). In April of 2009, the Google car traveled through a Kansas grass fire for a mile on Fauna road. Here and there are flames lapping the side of the highway. The grass fire mainly affected land at the highway’s edge but scorched black can be sometimes seen consuming acres beyond. There are no fire trucks. I read that every April, in the Flint Hills, ranchers set intentional blazes to produce fresh grass for cattle. Perhaps this was one of those burns, though I’m surprised to see no people attending it, and that it is principally road side, where cattle won’t be ranging.

The Inspiration for Pizza by Candlelight – Sightseeing “Unending Wonders”


Inspiration for Pizza by Candlelight 1 – Sightseeing “Unending Wonders of a Subatomic World or In Search of the Great Penguin” – Google Maps Redux


Inspiration for Pizza by Candlelight 2 – Sightseeing “Unending Wonders of a Subatomic World or In Search of the Great Penguin” – Google Maps Redux

Is it bad form and considered demythologizing fiction for a writer to point to inspirations even when they are only fragmentary, which most inspirations are?

The above two images document the inspirations for Pizza by Candlelight, the restaurant at which working homeless Chance Hope is employed at the beginning of Unending Wonders of a Subatomic World. How many years ago did I come up with the kernel of the idea for this working homeless woman, and, sadly, she is no less relevant today. Even more so. Which I’d anticipated she might be and hoped that she wouldn’t. But people weren’t talking much about the working homeless when I first conceived of Chance in her working homeless predicament, she was still past the fringe edge of public consciousness. I bunked with her in her home of a car using all that I knew about living on the road in music as resource, plus my imagination for having no home, having been in a situation like that when I was very young where had nothing to call my own but the clothes on my back. She had to be resourceful and adaptable, but strength may only be as fragile as a coffee cup on which one pins their idea of “home”. As long as I have this familiar friend of a coffee cup, I have “home”.

And then she loses everything in an instant.

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