If you’re feeling whimsical, Tubby the Tuba

Audio link is gone so am placing the Pal instead, now online.

We used to have a trash copy of Pal’s Tubby I was able to tape off some program years ago, but can’t find it anymore. I went looking online today as H.o.p. was asking about it and found the audio, which H.o.p. also enjoyed and though it’s been years since he saw Tubby he kept asking when was the part with the frog. When I was a child, it was the music which won my heart (along with Tubby’s joy at finding his song) when I saw the animation on Captain Kangaroo, at the age of seven. And I waited and waited for it to play again one day, which it did but I only caught a couple of seconds, then didn’t see it again for another thirty years. But I never forgot Tubby.

“Catch me, cried the little tune, “Catch me.”

“Caught you!” cried Tubby

“Oh you’re sitting on me,” said the Little Tune.

Poor Tubby picked up the flat Little Tune and tried to squeeze it back into shape.


Poor Tubby, indeed.

Danny Kaye also did a recording of Tubby, a portion of which is up at NPR, commemorating Pal’s creation upon his death at the age of 91 in 2002. I prefer the Victor Jory.

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