Heather Luttrell and Virginia Carllile at the Carllile Women Concert (digital painting)

Heather Luttrell and Virginia Carllile at the Carllile Women Concert 5/1/2006
Digital painted portrait with photo by artist for reference
20 in w by 15 in h
#169; copyright J Kearns

It was a painting I was working on and had just finished when the computer went down, based on a photo from the Carllile concert.

So, my computer is getting pretty much back to speed. I’m missing still a large chunk of critical info (really really critical info) but it is still on my old computer thankfully, the one I switched over from in January, hadn’t erased that yet. Won’t be able to transfer that over until sometime next week. And I have more memory coming the beginning of next week. Spent this afternoon working on getting my files that weren’t lost loaded back in. Anyway, it was this afternoon I discovered some files on one of my drives were lost. Almost an entire folder of writing. There may be more missing. But I at least have a copy of that huge chunk of stuff and will next week be able to compare the old computer with this one and make sure I didn’t lose more that was on that particular drive that was bad.

Dean will never read this but thanks Dean! When he got back in town he got on things and helped us right out. Immensely grateful.

Have started trying to catch up a bit.

Marty’s been down at the studio pretty much 18 hours a day since May 1st, was working on the Carllile mixes and the Takana/Junko sessions and now the Millennium Foundation CD. Some of the players on the Millennium Foundation CD thus far are Liz Wright, Marcus Printup, Earl Klugh, and Stevie Wonder committed today to play on a track. The person financing the project is donating every penny of the gross to the Millennium Foundation which is concerned with building infrastrcture in subsaharan communities. Marty says it’s the same org with which Angelina Jolie and Bono are involved. They have nothing to do with this CD project, just IDing the org there.

Anyway, H.o.p. has gone several days at at time without seeing Marty at all so I’ve been that much more attentive. Playing. Playing. Playing this and that. Monopoly (boy does he love Monopoly). Watching movies together. Which is a lot of fun to do with him, to sit and watch adventure movies with H.o.p. at the age of eight. I don’t even like adventure movies but it’s been a blast watching them with H.o.p. He’s had me painting with him, working on his things, will hand me a brush and wants me to do it with him. Has had me working with his sculpting pieces with him. No, not making them, but will hand me a piece of clay and encourage me to make something with him. We don’t eat a lot of sweets and I’d been promising brownies toward the end of the week so tonight we made brownies. And we counted up his allowance money he’d been saving and ordered yet another Godzilla toy. He’s been having a lot of fun this week, after getting over being disgruntled about not seeing his dad much, but was delighted when Marty got in a little earlier tonight and so had a chance to play with him. He pounced right on the opportunity and pulled out his Godzillas and set them up. (“Middle of April,” Marty reminds me, looking over my shoulder. That he’s been down at the studio pretty much solid since then.)

Man, no wonder I’m feeling ready for us all to get on the road and have a vacation, spend some time together doing something fun. In lieu, I perused Disccvery.com and purchased several ancient history DVDs that H.o.p. will probably like and a handheld magnifier for ogling the things nearby close up.

A set of my cacti sprang up a full inch one day this week. Suddenly, boom. And sent up 7 new cacti through the soil the next day. Amazing. I’d looked at that set of cactus when cutting off the grow light the night before this happened and thought to myself they looked like they were almost glowing iridescent green. Then the next day there was a full inch of new growth at the top. Maybe I should take a pic and post it. I’ve no idea what kind of cactus they are. Have a set of I believe the same type up front in a window and they’re not growing much at all though they get daylight.

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3 thoughts on “Heather Luttrell and Virginia Carllile at the Carllile Women Concert (digital painting)”

  1. I’ve been told I have a face that will break cameras, but this is the first computer I’ve done in………….
    I am humbled that you chose to do a painting of me…Heather is beautiful, and I don’t look too bad either….this was an honor and I find it hard to express my gratitude in proper fashion to the artist….Thanks might be a good way……..

  2. Now who in the world told you that you had a face that would break a camera? I trust you’re joking. Because you’re beautiful. I had friends calling me talking about the photos of the concert and saying how beautiful you are.

    Was working on a painting of you and Thumbs based on one of the covers (where you’re looking straight on at the camera) but thus far I’m not too happy with it at all. Was hoping it would turn out well so we could put it up with the other musician paintings at 800 East. But like I said, so far I’m just not getting it…

  3. the three guys whose cameras broke while shooting me were who told me, and I figured they must have known what they were talking about…………………..

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