I threw away my paper prayer rug and today I regretted it

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Yesterday I threw away the paper prayer rug “Saint Matthews Churches” and Rev. Ewing sent me in the mail. And today I regretted it, realizing the prayer rug would have fit the space above the toilet in the bathroom perfectly.

Saint Matthews Churches please send me another paper prayer rug! But make me the second recipient of the “one for two” rug rather than the first. Because I’ve become fixated (though not very) on the idea of finding evidence of the promised second recipients. I want the envelope that reads, “Yours second!”

Damn, the space above the toilet is glaring at me (from behind my back, in the other room, I don’t blog while on the toilet as I don’t have a laptop) saying, “I can’t believe you tossed the prayer rug! You wouldn’t have four years ago. What’s happened to you? Where’s your sense of humor?”

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