150,000 square feet of asphalt at the foot of Bear Butte

A jackass by the name of Jay Allen has big plans for Bear Butte. He is going to expand his “world’s biggest bikers’ bar” right up to its foot.

The first phase of Sturgis County Line will have over 150,000 s.f. of asphalt for semi-tractor trailers, hand-picked vendors, motorcycle stunt riders and one hell-of-a-lot of parking spaces for the bikers.

The new Broken Spoke Saloon will be 22,500 s.f. of vintage bikes, memorabilia, ice cold beer (“long necks” here instead of “beer”?), kick-butt music & oh yea, hot hot women!

Just outside the bar we will feature 24-hour a day dining, from prime rib to killer hamburgers, great salads and a diverse variety of other foods and desserts. For those who want to put a little hair on their chest, there will be espresso as well as brewed coffee. Cigars from Mexico to South America will be featured as well by the cigar legend “Beaner”.

Just seconds east of the Broken Spoke Saloon we will provide camping with hot showers and clean toilet facilities. If time allows, there will be a limited supply of full R.V. hook-ups!

Now get this! A mile away from the Broken Spoke Saloon just south on 79 there will be an amphitheater that can support World Class Acts. You will enter on the Southwest side of Sturgis County Line and park at the base of a hill. With about a two-minute walk up, when you peak at the top, you’ll look down the other side and see only one man-made object surrounded by a natural bowl which is conducive to a great concert experience and mother nature as far as the eye can see. The object is a stage that has been constructed to meet the specifications of the biggest music acts known to mankind. The best thing of all is when you look over the top of the stage Bear Butte Mountain will be poised as if it were the crown of a king. However, its history has proven it to be much more special than that! Sturgis County Line Amphitheater will comfortably accommodate 30,000+ concert goers. We want our events at the Amphitheater to be open to as many rally goers and entertainers as possible so we will always keep ticket prices as low as we can. As for the Broken Spoke Saloon entertainment, we will continue to provide entertainment with no cover charge.

By the year 2007 Sturgis County Line will have more full R.V. hookups as well as several bars on the property. One will be called the “Builder’s Bar”. The bartenders will be hot, of course, and the bar will be like a museum with memorabilia from the most famous bike builders past and present. Live music will be played out in front on the large deck where you can soak up some rays or star gaze at night around a built-in fireplace.


Wow, who can resist, hot hot women and hot bartenders, 150,000 square feet of asphalt, a 30,000 plus ampitheater…and if you’re not too blind drunk you can stagger the two-minute path up to the peak of Bear Butte and ogle “mother nature as far as the eye can see”.

Never mind that the Black Hills, by treaty, shouldn’t be in American-Anglo-European hands, and that it is considered sacred by American Indian nations of the area…this is just plain stupid, vulgar and disgusting.

The email I received states the above photo was taken March 3 2006 by Jay Red Hawk who lives near the base of Bear Butte with his family, and that a few days later workers came in to begin tearing away the grass.

Another email sent out by Andy Hollander states that the Meade County Commissioners will be holding a public hearing for the required Beer License for the campground on 4 April 2006 at 3:30 pm at the Meade County Courthouse.

If you live in the area show up and voice your oppositiion.

More information follows:

Bear Butte International Alliance

Bear Butte International Alliance is a group of volunteers whose primary
goal is to help maintain Bear Butte as an American Indian sacred site. Our
intent is to preserve and protect the integrity of this sanctuary for its
continued use for prayers and meditation, now and for future generations.

For further information, contact Nancy Kyle at (605) 720-0282, FAX:
605-720-2260 or write to:
Bear Butte International Alliance
PO Box 4232
Sturgis, SD 57785
or e-mail BB_B@rushmore.com

Check out our website for updated images of earth moving construction:


Jay Red Hawk and Anne White Hat

Jay and his family live at the base of Bear Butte and have many pictures of
the Construction / Destruction as it is progressing around the Butte and
additional information regarding the Butte and the Construction.

cetanduta at yahoo.com

(605) 347-4127


Oh, of course, Jay Allen says he intends to use his venture–which he will call “Sacred Grounds”– to educate the public on American Indians.

During a tour of the property Friday morning, Allen said he is going to launch Sacred Grounds in 2006…

For the concert venue, he has picked out a site on the southeast corner of the property near the highway. The sweeping bowl-shaped slope makes the spot a natural amphitheater, and Bear Butte would serve as a dramatic backdrop.

He said that later, he wants to add smaller bars at various points on the property, along with a number of places to ride, walk and camp. He also talked about creating a tipi village, perhaps an 80-foot statue of an American Indian and a place to educate people about Indian culture.



Another article with more information at Indian Country Today.

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4 thoughts on “150,000 square feet of asphalt at the foot of Bear Butte”

  1. With South Dakota’s Puritan legislature in the news lately, all I could recall was the celebrated defacement of another sacred site by the National Park Service. Maybe, in tribute to the fanatic zealotry of our current president, Mount Rushmore National Monument will be expanded to include his likeness–the ultimate insult to Native America.

  2. I hope they can put a stop to this. I was reading about Bear Butte, and I was happy to find out that Indian activists 2 years ago managed to turn back a previous effort at economically motivated desecration, after Bill Janklow and some cronies of his decided to try to bilk the federal government out of something more than $800,000 to build a huge firing range near the mountain. They obtained the HUD grant under false pretenses, though, and had to give it back. I wouldn’t be surprised if the present scheme is motivated by pure spite on the part of some of the Janklow crowd–plus greed, of course.

  3. Bush doesn’t have to have his face stamped on any mountain. He’s about as all over this country as any president ever has been. He’s in every nook and cranny.

  4. I remember when the firing range thing was going on. That is something to consider; hadn’t occurred to me there might be some Janklow-affiliated spite going on. Plus greed! Lots and lots of greed.

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