Werewolf animation!

Brrr, chills. This time H.o.p. does a werewolf animation. With captions. He had to do two separate files as the rudimentary program only handles 18 frames. Why would a caption require its own file? Because the W grows werewolf ears, that’s why! Anyway, a werewolf and neopet go up onto a cliff to howl in the moonlight. Notice also how, as the werewolf turns its head from left to right, the earth’s shadow passes over the moon.

You have to appreciate how much time it takes an eight-year-old to do these things, especially on this level of involved movement.

Two new drawings painted in Photoshop have also been added in his 2006 gallery. With Elmo he deliberated on the idea of the moon and cloud reflected in the window, and added shading on the side of Elmo away from the moon.

Elmo looking at the moon

Love the antenna poking through the clouds in the below drawing.

Sesame Street at night

H.o.p. enjoys the idea of people looking at his work and putting it up on the blog. Is very excited about his gallery, for which I need to do his own entry web page. He comes over and wants to read this entry and smiles and starts talking about other things he wants to do in the future to put up. And he brings up his robot animation I posted yesterday and wants to read the entry for that.

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5 thoughts on “Werewolf animation!”

  1. Not sure if I already commented, sorry if this is repeat…just delete if so.

    I think he’s really good. I’ve got a gif animator program he can have that does more than 18 frames.

    Check your mail.

  2. Elayne, H.o.p. says, “I don’t know what to say.” (He wanders, stunned for a few seconds.) “Thank you for thinking my werewolf movie is good!”

    He is feeling quite astonished and flattered since he’d admired your husband’s art. Thanks.

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