The woman washing cars with a hamburger is funny stuff

H.o.p. right now is excited about any movie that comes out, as long as it’s not frightening.

He wants to see that movie “…about mermaids! There’s going to be a movie about a mermaid! I’ve never seen a mermaid!”

Then when there was the commercial for the horror film about mutants from the Manhattan Project he had me hide his eyes during and asked me afterwards what it was about. That was followed by a commercial about “Date Movie.”

H.o.p.: That’s not a scary movie is it?
Me: Nope.
H.o.p: It’s a funny movie?
Me: Yes.
H.o.p.: We can watch it!
Me: Uhm, I don’t think you’d much like it.
H.o.p.: Why not?
Me: Well, uhm, it is uhm well it might have smoochy stuff and people kissing. (What do I know about what exactly it will have in it? But H.o.p. at 7 started hiding his eyes when people kissed in movies and still does a bit, though not as much as he did. And I figure Date Movie will be a lot of sexual humor that will be inappropriate for an eight-year-old.)
H.o.p.: That’s ok. Kissing isn’t scary.
Me: It’s a movie for adults.
H.o.p.: Why? It’s a funny movie.
Me: Well, the humor is kind of adult humor. Like, uhm, some men think women ought to wear bikinis all the time, they think women are kind of like dolls in bikinis, they don’t think of them as people, and I suppose it makes fun of that kind of attitude but it does it in a way that is for adults. (I was thinking of the Paris Hilton parody as I spoke and I was really at a loss for words and had other things on my mind.)
H.o.p.: But it’s funny! There’s a woman in it who uses a hamburger to wash her car! That’s funny!!

Soooo, the Paris Hilton parody part of the commercial was the part that caught his attention. But it’s seemingly because she’s washing the car with a hamburger! And that’s funny!

I read the movie isn’t funny, however. I read that it’s pretty much a disaster.

Anyway, I think that’s kind of amusing. When H.o.p. sees the Paris Hilton parody part of the commercial, he sees a woman using a hamburger to wash her car and finds it hysterical.

For the present.

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