H.o.p. Bids Adieu to The Child Experiments

H.o.p.'s 2010 Halloween

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From The Child Experiments series.

H.o.p., at twelve years of age, determined that he was no longer a child and “The Child Experiments” series should have this, his 2010 Halloween costume, as its last update. And I agree with him. The majority of “The Child Experiments” photos were done between 2004 and 2007, most being in 2006. H.o.p., of course, was always playing and “experimenting at” but the making of the occasional photo record had run its course before 2008.

We’ve had colds this past week and H.o.p.’s hit its stride over the weekend, meaning he has been going through boxes of Kleenex. We were all glad that he was better and well enough to go trick-or-treating in the old neighborhood. As he wore gloves and had a mask over his face, I doubt he ran much danger of infecting anyone else. Besides which, from what I understand, most everyone else has either already had the cold or is currently down with it. Perhaps that is why several of the houses in the old neighborhood were not this year equipped for trick-or-treaters.

“No candy,” they would say, answering the door.

“That’s all right. Happy Halloween, anyway!” H.o.p. replied.


“You don’t have to have candy. Happy Halloween anyway!”

And he meant it.

The wonder house that amazes us yearly with its decorations finally won “Best Decorated” this year. Though they’ll never read this, congratulations to them. They’ve provided a great deal of pleasure over the years.

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