Ok, how about this?

You see, I typed into a search in Gourmet Foods (at Amazon) the search term “European” just to see what might come up, rather than, y’know, buying everyone Xmas steaks (haha) or something like that.

The truffles came up. Too expensive.

Next page was this gourmet European item.

10 ounces of Dole European Salad in a plastic bag from Gristedes Supermarket in NY. Includes romaine and leaf lettuces, Radicchio and endives, is triple washed and has no preservatives.

It costs $3.99 and only about $4.95 to ship. Sure looks good after those 16 ounces of truffles for $1050.00!

What do you think?

Oh, I see the lead ingredient is iceburg lettuce.

I loooooooooove iceburg lettuce. Tres european. North. Like Norwegian maybe. Plucked by nimble reindeer lips.

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Juli Kearns

Juli Kearns is the author of Thunderbird and the Ball of Twine and Unending Wonders of a Subatomic World (or) In Search of the Great Penguin. She is also an artist/photographer, and the person behind the web alter of "Idyllopus Press".

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