April Fool

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I got the treatment from my 12-y-o today. I was up all night writing. I have allergies. I woke up in a daze, absolutely unable to function. And my son was all over me from the moment I opened my eyes, hugging me, all grins, wouldn’t stop hugging me as he did his manipulative best to guide me to a chair for coffee, there’s coffee for you, mom, coffee, “Wow, thanks,thanks for the hugs, I love you, too, thanks, but can you back off a minute until I wake up, I am seriously not functioning yet”, and still he kept on with the hugs, by now leaping up and down, “What’s up? What are you so excited about?” I asked, nothing, nothing, he says but he’s barely able to contain himself, more hugs and jumping up and down, finally getting me to my chair and desk (I’d stopped off in the kitchen) where my coffee awaited me. I stood there and he waited, this huge and wonderful smile on his face. I looked around. What was up? By now it was feeling like we must have won the lottery overnight and there should be a Porsche or something in the living room and diamonds piled up on my desk. But, no, everything looks the same. No Porsche, no diamonds.

I sat.

Not 1 but 3 whoopie cushions.

“April Fools!”

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