2 Portraits of Allergies

Ah, Spring. No fever. No cold. H.o.p. is miserable with allergies.

I asked H.o.p.’s permission first before I took the 2 photos, expecting a, “No, I’m sick.” Instead, he gave a small smile and nodded his head yes, then returned to napping. He’s been out all day. The television is on, tuned to Turner Classic Movies, and he hasn’t even cared what’s playing, even though it’s all old films. Once, when he had his eyes vaguely open and on the screen, I asked, “Would you like to watch something else?” He shook his head neither here nor there, held a handful of Kleenex to his face, blew his noise, then passed out again.

H.o.p. Napping (Portrait of Allergies), Pose 2 (iPhone)

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iPhone Hipstamatic capture run through the Lo-mob app. With this one I then took it into Photoshop to do some postprocessing.

H.o.p. Napping (Portrait of Allergies), Pose 1 (iPhone)

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iPhone Hipstamatic capture run through the Lo-mob app. I then blurred the grain in a portion of the picture.

H.o.p., the past several years, tends to only nap on the futon when he’s not feeling well. A reason I was hoping for a photo is because, at 12, his profile still looks remarkably like it did at the age of 6, when I took the below photo.
H.o.p. sleeping, 2004
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  1. These photos are great Juli. They are paintings really. Reminds me of the illustrator who did the water babies and Jessie Wilcox Smith (the lines and muted colors in the last one)
    I’m sick today as well. blah

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